Friday, November 8, 2013

Eureka Moment: Hot Iron Holster for your Hot Styling Tools

I am a hairstylist every now and then but not as much as I do makeup, the thing though, I am so into hairstyling and I must admit, purchasing hot styling tools give me a natural "high" and Mr. AMW can vouch on that!  

I have 2 blow dryers, flat iron, 3 sizes of curling iron, a flat iron and curling iron in one, a small flat iron for bangs, etc...  I've hurt myself using a hot styling tools in the past so I'm taking extreme precaution in handling them!  

So the moment I saw Digital Traincase posted the photo below on Instagram (@dgtaltraincase) asking if anyone's interested with the Hot Iron Holster, I immediately replied: "ME!"

Who wouldn't be?  It's the simplest yet most unique invention for any "hair" person out there!

Available in 4 colors

When asked which color I want, I originally wanted a black one so that it won't easily attract dust as easily as the light colored ones.  But, I can't...I just can't deny the fact that Hot Pink will always be calling my name and this matches my Charm Pro Makeup Artist Toolbelt.

The day arrived and I got the Hot Iron Holster!  I immediately tested this on different surfaces and so far, this thing works in clinging to any clean, smooth surface!

Hot Iron Holster is specially formulated silicone that comes with a flap for you to press it on your sink or countertop.  It also comes with a roomy pocket to hold your curling irons, flat irons or hair dryers, I even like to put my heat styling protector spray, hair brushes and combs as well when not in use with heating tools!  


I'm glad the flap is quite long so it helps carry heavy styling tools like hair dryers. This is said to cling at any smooth, non-porous surface including tile, wood, laminate, granite, metal, glass, vinyl, porcelain, plastic, leather and more! 

But of course, there will always be exceptions to the rule, I have ONE wooden table which I bought from SM Department store that doesn't seem to work hand in hand with my Hot Iron Holster, no matter how much I clean the table, the holster just won't stick (it's wood by the way) but so far, I've tested on different surfaces and all of them worked!  Except for this darn table that I think I need to throw out!  *laughs* 


The backside is a smooth silicone surface and the stickiness of this is a permanent feature, all we need to do is wipe this with damp cloth or alcohol every now and then to keep dirt and lint off which may reduce the sticky performance of the Hot Iron Holster.


And thank you Hot Iron Holster, aside from the fact that you are made of silicone, the product comes with holes at the bottom so it is safe to put those heating tools while they are heating up!  Keep in mind to never leave your hot styling tools unattended though!

Aside from using this at home, I was able to take this out on action over the weekend when I did hair and makeup to a client!  This product have received compliments while sitting prettily on the table!  

Please note that if your hot iron tools are turned on, it is best to place ONLY ONE tool at a time!


And just for the sake of review, this product is heavy duty as I can place 2 heating tools at the same time and it won't fall off!  (P.S. My work station was a bit cramped that day so I put the Zuca pouch on top of the Hot Iron Holster, the Zuca pouch does not help in attaching the flap on the table as it only contains several brushes and hair clips which doesn't have enough weight to support both heating tools!)

Overall, I am very happy with the Hot Iron Holster and wouldn't mind repurchasing another one for professional use!  Makeup artists?  You can put your makeup brushes here or use this as a temporary trash bin at work!  

For the multi-functional purpose, I think this product deserves a Eureka Moment slot!
Hot Iron Holster is available locally at Digital Traincase for Php1,150.00 (approx $27.40)
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Do you think you need the Hot Iron Holster in your life?
Will it be for personal or professional use?

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  1. I would love to have 2 of these. Hahaha. They're so cute and functional as well. The pink and purple ones are adorable. Iwas disgrasya din sa pag pick up ng curling iron kasi nakaharap sa loob yung mainit na part.

    I'm a little bit unsure about the price though. Medyo mahal. Hehe.

    1. oo at first glance pricey siya pero I thought, this is a type of product where you can use for years (basta alaga) so at the end of the day, worth it siya! hindi naman na eexpire or nasisira :D


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