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AMW Reports: Le Spa Experience at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

Happy Weekend AMW Friends!
Yes, you are seeing another spa review!  You have to give it to me as working full time plus a lot of side jobs are giving my body aches I haven't experienced in the past.  Plus, November 3 was actually our "We're officially together" anniversary.  Mr. AMW and I celebrated 16 years of true love and friendship!  And what's the best way to celebrate that?  Good food and perfect relaxation!   We had a good lunch at Spiral (will talk more about it tomorrow on my Weekend Food Trip post) then a relaxation time at Le Spa (just a stone throw away from Spiral).

Le Spa is located at the Plaza Level of Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila.  Upon stepping in the Le Spa reception area, I was immediately put at ease as the interior screams classy with a modern twist!  Aside from that, the usual friendly greeting with genuine smile from staffs put both me and Mr. AMW at ease (seriously, we're allergic to snooty establishments and you won't feel that at Sofitel Manila and Le Spa).

Reception area
Take a couple of steps further back, check out the HUGE receiving area (photo below)!  Mr. AMW used to dislike massages because of his ticklish bones *laughs*, so he prefers to wait for me at the lounge or waiting room every time I have my own massage.  With a comfortable sofa and a flat screen TV and a nice cup of ginger tea (served free by Le Spa)?  I'm sure an hour or two will pass by quickly!

But this time, since it was a post anniversary date, Mr. AMW had to accompany me for an Oasis treatment.  Setting his ticklish nature aside, he happily accompanied me without any complaints and I'm sure his tired muscles and lack of sleep was screaming for "Me Time"  as well!  

Side note: I had a strong feeling he's actually giddy for his spa treatment!  Baby AMW must've tired him so much he forgot his ticklish tendencies!

A walk towards our room is as relaxing as the dramatic entrance at the reception area.  A couple of chairs I believe for hand/foot massages.

Okay, Spa hallways are very important for me, no matter how pretty a room is, a hallway designed for total relaxation will always add extra points!  As for Le Spa, Mr. AMW and I immediately ooh'd and aah'd on the visual, the photo below does not give justice to the warmth and comfort we immediately felt upon walking down the hallway! 

Mr. and Mrs. AMW's Abode for the next 2 hours.

The couple's room/VIP room has its own toilet

A closet that looks exactly like those in 5 star hotels.  
I appreciate hangers, soft slippers, drawer and a SAFE!  

For readers' sake, I will still post this blurry crazy photo taken by Mr. AMW!  Just so you know,  Le Spa offers disposable shorts and underwear which got me all excited!  Why?  Well, I appreciate it when disposable underwear is available during treatment and it was an added bonus that Le Spa's version isn't the flimsy kind! 

Inside joke:  The photo is blurry because I actually pulled up the shorts up high above waist and put the underwear on top of my head!  Mr. AMW was laughing so hard he wasn't able to take a decent photo of me!  *tsk tsk tsk*  I should start looking for a new photographer :P

Do I still look fashionable? :P
Aside from your own toilet and closet space, you also get a shower area and wash area on the other side.  I find the room spacious enough to move around even with a group of friends!  Let's say 3-5 people?

The room comes with your own bath tub, they actually filled the bath tub with rose petals and candles on the side!  This doesn't feel like you're inside a spa place, the ambiance is more like giving you comfort in your own home.

Inside the room, there's also a sauna.  I enjoy the fact that you can enjoy sauna on your own without sharing a space with strangers  As much as we'd love to go for sauna to detoxify, we were pressed for time so we gave this a skip!  But next time, I'm definitely going for the OVERALL experience!

Before we started with the Oasis treatment, our feet was pampered with a gentle washing, probably just like the Cleopatra days :P

Okay, the reporting stops here as we had an hour of Filipino Pride Massage (hilot), I actually enjoyed Hilot more than any other massages I've tried!  What I like about my Le Spa hilot is that there was the right amount of pressure done on the right pressure points to relieve tension knots.  Mr. AMW also enjoyed his hilot as he didn't get as ticklish as other massages he tried! 

After my 1 hour Hilot, a 30-minute Instant Glow Facial was done using Thémaé products.  I usually interview or talk to the lady during massage or facial but I was so relaxed my mouth automatically shut and my mind went on Dreamland!  I do remember having my face cleansed with a facial cleanser, wiped off with a tissue then a toner was applied and massaged all over my face.  After that, a hefty amount of moisturizer was the final touch.  I love the scent of Thémaé products and so far, I got home without skin allergies (which I usually get on facials!).

Oasis treatment costs Php3,200.00 (approx $76.00).  A bit hefty at first glance but come to think of it, with the use of top-notch facilities like shower, sauna, bath tub, etc... I find the price is just right considering Le Spa is located inside Manila's 5-Star Hotel.  Of course, it isn't going to be a weekly thing for me but I find this place the best place to celebrate special occasions like wedding anniversaries, birthdays or maybe, a special gift to our special someone like our moms and dads as they deserve such royal treatment.

Le Spa is open daily from 8am to 12mn with room service massages.

Le Spa 
Sofitel Manila
CCP Complex Roxas Boulevard Pasay City
Contact: (+632) 551-5555  for booking

Thank you so much Blessy and Jane for taking care of us!  Mr. AMW and I had a romantic date amidst the tiring morning! :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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