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Weekend Food Trip at: Spiral

Happy Sunday AMW Friends!
Okay, today is the day where I will be sharing you gazillion photos on my most recent buffet date with Mr. AMW!  Brace yourself as this post is photo laden and if you're hungry, you better grab something to eat and get back to this post!  Don't tell me I didn't warn you!

Given the chance to pick, Mr. AMW and I would always go for a la carte dining rather than buffet.  Why?  We are the type of couple who like to bond over food and having so much food choices in front of our eyes may break the "bonding moment".  We love to eat so much we may end up in dead silence as we stuff our faces with food!  *laughs*  Aside from that, buffet meals are quite stressful for me as I would rather have our food served right in front of us rather than us walking around bumping into other people to get the "best piece" out there! 

I'm glad my idea changed after dining at the new Spiral at Sofitel Philippine Plaza.  I am very thankful to Sofitel's Jane and Blessy for the invite as all the qualms of buffet dining was gone after this lovely experience!  Mr. AMW and I were actually planning on more dates like this!

A fact for our international readers, Spiral officially opened year 2006, then a bad storm happened and Spiral was heavily ruined by floods!  It was a blessing in disguise as the new Spiral was re-opened November 2012 and this time, in a whole new level!  The new Spiral is now divided into 21 dining ateliers (yes, you read it right --- 21!) and let me tell you, the feel of the dining area is very different as compared to the old one! Aside from the warm ambiance, dining is more interactive!

The moment I sat at the table, their signature warm olive bread was served and I was asked for my drink of choice!

P.S. Ask for the healthy drink option, they serve different healthy drinks everyday!

Overview of Chefs at Work
One interesting fact I learned that day is that all the dishes aren't named as it is part of Spiral's philosophy for diners not only to eat but to interact with the Chefs.  I actually like this concept better as I get to learn more about the dishes and actually get to know about the food I put inside my mouth!

Overview of the Dining Area
From Chandeliers to tables, chairs, plates, spoons and forks, everything was obviously well thought off!  The overall ambiance gives you the feel of Asian and Western architecture.

Now on to the food!


I love Korean food so the first thing I put on my plate was Kimchi!  *laughs*  Various Korean dishes from Spicy Chicken Stew, Soy Braised Bean, Bulgogi, Beef Short Rib Barbecue, etc... are all available for you to try! I have to say, their Korean dishes are as authentic as the dishes I tried in Seoul Korea!  

Filipino, Thai 
Wide array of traditional Filipino dishes are there!  They also have Bagoong available for diners to purchase and take home!  Aside from our local favorites, different Thai cuisine from soups and curries are also available just in case you're craving for one!


I am an expert Chinese dish eater I would say!  Aside from my mom's awesome Cantonese cooking, I stayed in China for almost 4 years and I'm quite adventurous in trying out various dishes from different province in China!  So far, Spiral didn't fail in authenticity of taste!  Once you're there, do not forget to try their stem baskets as well!  With wide array of our favorite dimsum from Xiao Long Bao, Siomai, Wonton, etc...

Naan, Tandoori, just some of the few Indian delicacies that Mr. AMW and I enjoy are available there plus MORE!   For us who seldom visit an Indian restaurant as we're scared we know nothing about their tradition and dishes, Spiral is a perfect place as you get to interact with the chef, ask them the dishes you see and they would even recommend you their best must-try dishes!

For Indian dishes to be authentic, Spiral also flown in a Tandoori Oven!

French Stove, Rotisserie and Wood Fired Oven
If you watch Top Chef, you'll come to realize that the kitchen you're seeing at Spiral will look familiar!  The French Stove is where every authentic French dishes are prepared meticulously from foie gras, roasted meat, grilled food, seafood, etc...

How? Pick your favorite meat and cheese at L'Epicerie and you can create your own pizza and name it! :D You also get to try different pizzas and you can even request for your choice of pizza!


Now, what's a L'Epicerie?  It's a room of heaven for meat, cheese and wine lovers!  I used to enjoy "Wine and Cheese" night with my foreign colleagues back when I was working in China as a Professor, I always call cheese as cheese as I don't care about their names but I do know they taste uniquely good!  Aside from cheeses, you get aged hams, charcuterie, smoked fish, sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, sauces and condiments for gourmet experience!  You can also ask for the best type of wine to go with certain cheese and meat!  Again, the keyword when dining at Spiral?  INTERACT!

A raw bar and hot bar is available for the Japanese cuisine!  You get fresh sushi, sashimi prepared right in front of you by the sushi chefs!  And if you're not a fan of raw food, you get to try amazing Tonkatsu, grilled sea food, robata, teppanyaki and various soups!

La Boulangerie
Bread area is like heaven to me!  I love bread to bits and I can survive without rice but never without bread!  So imagine the joy when I see various warm and freshly baked breads, baguettes, croissants, etc..!  You can also take home your favorite jams! (ask them for price details!)

Salad and Appetizer
Okay, I know this should be on top but salad isn't something I'm aiming for when I'm going for buffet!  But just in case you are health conscious (on a buffet) :P  You can always go for their salads!  The unique thing about this bar is you have Shake and Go!  Meaning, you don't have to think, you just pick a jar, pick your sauce, shake and go!

La Patisserie, Chocolaterie and Creamery
If you're a dessert person, okay, you can go straight to this area and forget about the main meal!  From chocolates (white, dark and milk), pralines, truffles, cakes, ice cream, and various candies --- this place is heaven for kids and adults alike!

You have to believe me when I say, I've found the best tasting chocolates and ice cream here at Spiral!

Oh, did I say you get 3 types of Fondue!  I heard they change the flavor daily and during our visit, it was Chocolate, Orange and Pistachio

The highlight of the Spiral is La Veranda, La Veranda is an indoor lounge where anyone can go people watching, nature watching or just enjoy the night with friends, family or loved ones!   The glass lounge is amazing and mind you, the moment I stepped in, you get this Parisian feel!  Wherever you take photos, the area is 100% photogenic to any camera!

I highly recommend Spiral even for business meetings! Spiral offers various function rooms for different number of guests!  I wouldn't mind staying here and de-stress myself from work!

Spiral 2 Go 
 Just in case you had a lovely time and you want to bring home some of your happiness to your loved ones, there's an area for you to purchase various goodies for "just because" gift or for the Christmas Season!

Random photo: Our dessert plate!
I am still thinking about this up to this very moment!  I was in dessert heaven and I want to go back for another round trip ticket! :P

Overall, Spiral changed the way we think about buffet!  It is possible to enjoy good food, good ambiance and great company in a 5-star hotel with a warm, cozy feel! I always thought you get to sacrifice quality of the food for quantity but in Spiral, you get both Quality, Quantity and a whole lot more!  I find myself armed with more food information after dining at Spiral!

For rates, call Sofitel Manila (+632) 551-5555, (+632) 832-6988

Have you dined in at the new Spiral?
How was your experience?

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  1. I like the feel of the place and the food is look all so yummy. happy Sunday AMW!

    1. I agree, the feel of the place is amazing and that's the added bonus as people usually go to buffet for food!

  2. OMG! nagutom ako with this post! hihihi..... :)


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