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UFO 2 by FOREO Review


Do you still remember my first UFO By Foreo review writtten a year ago?  I even showed my Before and After photo after a week plus usage!  Some of you may say: “But I don’t see a difference!” Or “You already have good skin!”

I feel and see the difference myself and I honestly may have good skin as they say but the time I got pregnant and was breastfeeding, I DID NOT USE any skincare products at all and I saw the real texture and condition of my skin —- it wasn’t Blog-worthy!  It was so dry, flaky and there were a whole lot of zits growing aroud my lip area!  I did not write or review any skincare products that time or did any makeup looks so there weren’t any record of my bad skin!  It doesn’t help that I have PCOS so my hormones are crazy sometimes so I guess this short story is safe enough to say —- I wasn’t born with great skin!  I just highly invest on my skin with the right products!

Speaking about products, UFO By Foreo released UFO 2 and at the back of my head, I was thinking: “Really?  Is there anything else they needed to add from the first one?”

UFO 2 by FOREO Review , a comparison between UFO by Foreo and UFO 2 by Foreo
Left: UFO By Foreo
Right: UFO 2 By Foreo

I guess there were a couple I missed myself!  

UFO 2 by FOREO Review , a comparison between UFO by Foreo and UFO 2 by Foreo

What are the difference betwen UFO and UFO 2 by Foreo?

  • UFO 2 offers a greater range of temperatures. UFO 2 heats 5x faster than UFO.
  • UFO 2 has full spectrum LED light (Red, Blue, Green, White, Purple, Orange, Yellow and Cyan).  To know more about the features of each color, read it on FOREO Website)
  • Both UFO and UFO 2 has Cryo-Therapy, Cryo-Therapy can help reduce puffiness, shrink pores, lift and firms skin.  UFO 2 offers greater range of temperature.
  • T-Sonic Power of UFO 2 is up to 10,000 sonic pulsations per minute!  Highter than the first gen.
  • UFO 2 is hailed to be better option if you have specific skin concern like oiliness, rosacea, etc…. It has more targeted treatment for such skin issues.
Same as UFO, you have a wide variety of FOREO Masks to try with the device.  From the UFO Activated Masks that I have tried in the past, I added new ones like Manuka Honey, H2Overdose, Call it a Night and Shimmer Freak!

UFO 2 by FOREO Review , a comparison between UFO by Foreo and UFO 2 by Foreo

  • Manuka Honey: the revitalizing. Moisture of Manuka Honey leaves skin softer and younger-looking.
  • H2Overdose: Ultra-Hydrating mask sheet.  An intense infusion of moisture to hydrate and replenish thirsty skin.
  • Call It a Night: Revitalizing and Nourishing mask sheet.  Deeply nourishes and rejuvenates tired skin, leaving it smooth.
  • Shimmer Freak: Illluminating Eye perfector.  For eyes that look completely refreshed, with an added hint of shimmer.

I have tried all the sheets I have for the past month and if you ask me if I have found a favorite?  I can’t!  The unique part about these mask sheets is how they target each skin condition directly making each one unique to the other.

On days I have super dry skin, I pick Manuka Honey because I can immediately see the glow after use!  I also enjoy the scent of real honey and it felt so addictie 90-seconds will never be enough for me!  I always repepat the treatment adding more of the serum on the mask (just squeeze the packet well!)

I also alternate Manuka Honey with H2Overdose - this mask sheet contains my favorite ingreident — Hyaluronic Acid —- your bestfriend when it comes to dry patches.

UFO 2 by FOREO Review , a comparison between UFO by Foreo and UFO 2 by Foreo

On times I got stressed from both work and housewife duties, I would literally grab a Call It A Night sheet and reward myself with a relaxing facial before I go to sleep!  Just like most Asians, we believe in the power of Ginseng for youthfulness and this particular mask sheet has Ginseng and Olive Oil.  

UFO 2 by FOREO Review , a comparison between UFO by Foreo and UFO 2 by Foreo

If I have extra times, I also follow-up my facial with an eye treatment.  I have problems in sleeping so using the Shimmer Freak does help lessen puffiness around the eye area!  

I did mentioned earlier that each mask sheet are drenched with product and I literally use the mask sheet 4 x in total every single night!  2 x all over my face (On Repeat) and once on my neck area.  Flipping the mask sheet, I add the rest of the product on the mask and apply on dry areas of my body!  

I know I know, that seems like using each mask down to the core but that’s one way to prevent wastage!

UFO 2 by FOREO Review , a comparison between UFO by Foreo and UFO 2 by Foreo

At this point, I have already used up all the masks and repurchasing is OBVIOUSLY needed!  Why?  Because I am a believer of UFO 2!  UFO was already doing a great job for me so I didn’t have much expectations!  But after using UFO 2, I understood the constant need for improvement and additional technology.  I understood why quicker temperature function actually works better.  I understood why I appreciate 8 LED lights as compared to 3.

For someone who enjoys facial treatments in facial care centers, UFO 2 works close to having a professional facial done minus the therapist!  

UFO 2 by FOREO Review , a comparison between UFO by Foreo and UFO 2 by Foreo

I also suggest YOU, if you purchased UFO 2 to use the manual mode and study each function of LED light properly to get the best out of the gadget.  For someone who gets antsy on using gadget that suddenly warms up, I enjoy the control I have to set the gadget the to maximum heat temperature or maximum cold temperature.  I just love the fact that I can customize my own UFO 2 making this a personalized beauty gadget for me.

UFO 2 by FOREO Review , a comparison between UFO by Foreo and UFO 2 by Foreo

If you wonder how to put the mask sheet on the gadget itself, it is exactly the same as the first one, you can read my UFO by FOREO Review, I’ve done step-by-step photo-torial on how to do such.

Finally, let’s talk about my skin.  How was my skin after using UFO 2 by FOREO device for more than a month?

To be honest, I am more confident in sharing my bare face photos on Instagram.  I have been doing makeup tutorials, skincare shorts and even get a couple of compliment from AMW Friends saying I have glowing and youthful skin!  They honestly thought I was born with it, they just didn’t understand that I am born with the capacity to have good skin, I just yield it by using right tools and products.

UFO 2 by FOREO Review , a comparison between UFO by Foreo and UFO 2 by Foreo

Applied eye makeup, blush and lipstick without any base makeup products.  I can still manage to look okay right?  I seriously love the extra glow I have on my skin which I originally thought can be achieved only with make-up.  Hydrated skin really is the key to better-looking skin and makeup! 

UFO 2 by FOREO Review , a comparison between UFO by Foreo and UFO 2 by Foreo

Here’s a photo of me without special lights, special camera.  This is how my skin looks without any skincare products after washing my face with a regular face cleanser.  I can actually skip putting products on my face after a UFO 2 by FOREO treatment.

UFO 2 by FOREO Review , a comparison between UFO by Foreo and UFO 2 by Foreo

So the final question is, should I upgrade to UFO 2 by FOREO or stick to UFO by FOREO?
It really depends on you.  If you currently own UFO by FOREO and your skin condition is quite good, you may give this upgrade a skip.

If you have specific skin concerns and needed the extra power the UFO 2 gives, I’d say GO FOR THE UPGRADE.  I have seen vast improvement on my skin when I used UFO 2 by FOREO on the FIRST NIGHT!  Even my friend who purchased one said the same feedback!  

The price could be an issue to some but I would say for a beauty gadget this is close to having facials.  And with the pandemic, I’d gladly stay home and do my facials at the comforts and safety of my home before I get vaccinated!  

Yes, this product works, it is not a hoax, you read it from me!

I will continue to use this Beauty Gadget for the years to come!  
UFO is definitely described as Ur Future Obsession —- they are correct!  

Purchase your own Supercharged Facial HERE.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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