Thursday, October 21, 2021

Love Your Skin, Love The Earth


Out of all the beauty products, I skip body products the most!  I felt like my face needed the hydration more than anywhere else, which was wrong by the way!

So it was just recent (during pandemic to be exact) when I started to lather up on lotion all over my body particularly my favorite brand The Body Shop.  The specific Body Butter that I have been using for years are the Almond and Mango variant.  My brother who lives in China with crazy Winter weather stock up on The Body Shop Body Butters because they work!

They are so good and I am surprised to see the news that they even made it better!   New and improved formula and not only that!  Better packaging!  The tub is 100% recycled!  

And aside from me being happy on having British Rose again near my bedside, they added AVOCADO as their additional flavor!  I swear, they look and smell so good! 

Best of all, my skin is oh-so-smooth minus the greasy feel!  The texture is more lighther (almost like the son of heavy cream and whipped cream!) LOL.  I can definitely feel the differene and I am happy with the change!

A reminder to everyone to slather up your body with moisturizers because that’s the secret the bright and youthful skin!

That’s 90 hour moisture, certified Vegan, Fresh New Formula and 100% recycled tub you have there!

Our body deserves the pampering, our Mother Earth deserves the love and care!  

Spread the Love!

WIth every purchase of Body Butter bundle, The Body Shop Donates 1 Body Butter to front liner!  Promo is valid in-store, Call to Deliver, Lazada and Shopee.  

What is your favorite The Body Shop Body Butter flavor?

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


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