Saturday, November 6, 2021

Slow Down Saturday with A Good Cup of Coffee


Slow down weekend, my kind of favorite way to de-stress.  After a full week of classes I long for the weekend to have more “me time” even if it’s just extra 10-15 minutes in the afternoon.  I usually tutor my son on weekdays in the afternoon so I have the Saturday off of no tutoring so Kyle understood once he sees me sitting on a sofa playing my favorite IPAD games holding a cup of coffee.  GOOD COFFEE.

Havila PH

As a coffee lover, I drink all sorts of coffee, from 3-in-1 to instant but I highly aim for brewed coffee because I can taste the richness and aroma of a good coffee bean!  I only go for Instant when I am rushing but given the choice, I’d go for brewed coffee 100% of my life!

That said, I have a coffee corner with all sorts of coffee gadgets and accessories.  From Drip Coffee to Mokapot, Coffe Grinder, Gooseneck kettle and a whole lot more!

My first and only Mokapot was gifted to me by my brother but I find it NOT enough :P. Size is too small for my addiction so I am glad to have added a new Stainless Steel Mokapot from Havila PH.  

Havila Ph

While at it, you can also purchase their huge Double Walled Coffee Mugs.  They have 2 capacities - 375ml and 475ml, I of course went for the bigger one!  They also offer Premium Coffee Grounds which comes free for every MOka Pot and French Press order!  

By the way, the stainless steel Moka Pot comes in 3 sizes - 160ml (3 cups), 240ml (6 cups) and 360ml (9cups).  I went for the latter and it was the best decision ever!  I make once in the morning and store the rest in a tight container for full day of coffee greatness!

To order, visit their SHOPEE page and order now!  Limited stocks only

Happy Coffee Weekend!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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