Thursday, December 2, 2021

Easy Beach Waves!


Hi AMW Friends!

At this point of writing, I already chopped 4 inches off my hair but I am not sad about it!  This, for the record, is my longest hair SINCE BIRTH!  The pandemic really made me experience such length and instead of whining about it, I’ve enjoyed learning how to style my hair by creating various curls and looks!  

The best and easiest curls for such hair length is the beach waves to be honest!  I had a very hard time using a curling iron or flat iron (to curl) because of the hair length so yes, if you have long hair like I do, go for te beach waves curler like the ones I reviewed from CKeyin !  It is the easiest I swear!

Now if you don’t have that and you own a clampless hair styling tool, that’s another way you can easily do beach waves!  The clampless tool I used is from Herstyler and I bought it at

The curls aren’t perfect, just messily-good!  The way I like it!  I dislike curls that look so made-up and so….gradeschool-ish?  

Please watch my quick IG Reel below and don’t forget to use heat protectant products!
ENJOY Watching!  Share to me your favorite curls!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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