Wednesday, December 1, 2021

These are just few of my Favorite Sunblock


Sunblock, the not-so-secret Secret to a younger-looking skin!  

I used to say “NAH” but after years of constantly using them, yes, I finally agreed!  

That’s my problem, I always wanted proofs, so I always make sure to tediously test on products to recommend them here.  I am not writing about beauty products just because I wanted to —- it’s because I really use them and I have lots to say that could help YOU out there.

Thankfully, after COPPERTONE days —- the only sunblock I know and use when I was younger, things and times have changed….sunblock comes in lighter formulation, fast absorbing properties and they smell so good ha!

I shared this on my IG Reels and I am sharing it on the blog today, my top favorite sunscreen brands!

Used all SPF50 sunscreen with different textures for you to take your own pick!

Cetaphil Sun SPF50+ Light Gel
Available HERE 

Has a cream-like texture but has gel-like consistency during application. Works for sensitive skin

 Biore UV Perfect Bright Milk SPF50+ 
Available HERE
Same texture as Anessa and this gives extra brighening effect or glow. Also perfect for daily use and very lightweight texture.

Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk SPF50+ 
Available here
 Has a milky texture and gets absorbed into skin easily. Gives hydration and protection. Good for daily use.

Shiseido Perfect UV Protector S Force WetForce SPF50+ 
Available Here (these are currently out of stock)
Thickest consistency out of the 4 and it works for sensitive skin. Best if you stay under the sun for long. Can be used for swimming!

I’ve got a whole bunch more of suncreen but these are my favorite as of the moment.

TIP: There’s no ONE perfect sunscreen as ALL of them are equally good when it comes to SUN protection. 

Lather up on sunscreen whether you are staying indoors or outdoors.  Don’t forget to re-apply especially f you have oily skin or you tend to sweat a lot!  2 Pea Size amount is the best for the whole face and another for the neck.

At the end of the day, sunscreen/sun protection is the best anti-aging of them all!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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