Monday, February 21, 2022

Clean Concealing Tips


“Your skin looks good!”

“You look blooming!”

Are just some of the kind words I get or compliments when I post a photo of me or video of me on Instagram.  I am extremely grateful fo those kind words but I will always stay true to who I am ever since I started this Blog year 2008.

IT IS MAKEUP!  I don’t use filters (I only use Photo editors for Cropping and brightening) but I use Makeup as my “filter”.  

You probably know that if you watch my random IG stories where I would randomly show up sans makeup so my eyebags and redness show up in Hi-Def cameras!  

How to conceal without the heavy makeup feel.

And the best way to apply makeup as most books and beauty experts would say: “Less is More!”.

I agree and disagree on that statement.  Less is more on some areas of your face but concealing may need a bit more than usual if you need heavier coverage.  

This, maybe just a first layer of concealing, you can go 2nd or 3rd layer AS NEEDED and NO, it won’t look unnatural as long as you picked th right shade. 

Did you know that Obvious makeup can be seen if you picked a wrong tone or shade of makeup?  Now you know!

How to conceal without the heavy makeup feel.

So if you are a long time reader and maybe attended a few of my makeup workshops, I’ve mentioned this so many times, you won’t overdo makeup application if you pick the right tone and shade.  That is the secret of most Korean and Japanese makeup artist that is why they look like their skin is perfect but in reality, they also have pores and lines because they are HUMAN!

So I will stop blabbing and share a quick video on how to conceal.  

Keep this in mind:

More is good on areas that needed the most coverage and Less Is More on areas that needed light coverage.  


Don’t worry, you’ll see what I’m trying to say in this video!

Concealer Used: Make UP For Ever Matte Velvet Skin Concealer in 2.5

Keep smilin' 

Stay happy! 

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