Monday, February 28, 2022

Happy 43rd Birthday To Me!


2nd year celebrating my birthday from home!

I never thought I’d be able to do so but thanks to Mr. AMW for making the effort to make my day special!  I started my day the usual, early morning class for Kyle as I sat next to him and do my own work while listening and learning “Pang-Abay” *laughs*

Tutor moms can relate, you HAVE to listen to be able to teach your kids…especially for me who graduated EONS ago!  

I did usual home stuff by the way and Mondays are the most hectic - Laundry day, folding the laundry, clean the study room (art materials and books!)  aggh, Mr. AMW asked me to delay it to Tuesday when it’s not my birthday, but what’s the point of procrastinating if I have to do it tomorrow?  LOL

After I did everything in the morning, my cakes and birthday greetings and gifts started to pour in, it was so heartwarming I kept on saying “I can’t believe it, I am so grateful!”


I can’t imagine celebrating my birthday like this BONGGA even on my 43rd birthday!

Best of all, I get to celebrate it with the 2 most important boys of my life!

Before I end this yearly gratituory post, here’s my OOTD and FOTD for the Birthday Year 2022.

I actually used foundation (lightly) for this special day!  I also contoured my face becaus staying at home made me gain 5 freaking pounds!  :P 

And here’s a quick, fun IG reel I did!  Enjoy!

THANKS to everyone who greeted me on and offline. Thanks for all the gifts, cakes, and well wishes.  This long time friendship at is priceless! 

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


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