Wednesday, February 2, 2022

How to: Bigger Eyes with Just an Eyeliner


Lesser and lesser people are wearing makeup nowadays.  “Why bother?” They would say as half of our faces are covered with face masks - thank you OMICRON for coming into our lives this 2022!  #Nothanks

But that does not stop me from using brow products and eyeliner.  Eyeliner was the first makeup tool I used in college (after lipsticks)  and I remembered looking like a fool as I applied it so darkly shaping my whole upper and lower lashline.  

If you studied makeup artistry, you would know that is a huge NO - NO!

To my dear friends who have the same small eyes as I do.  Here’s a trick on how to enlarge your eyes without the need for eyeshadow.  I just used a waterproof pencil liner in dark brown.  Yes, the color makes a huge difference, go for Dark Brown or Dark Gray instead of black!  Black could appear too harsh on a bare eye makeup look!  

I’ll stop blabbling, here’s the half face look.

How to: Bigger Eyes with Just an Eyeliner

Can you see the difference on my eye shape and size?

How to: Bigger Eyes with Just an Eyeliner

More importantly, it appears like I have eyeshadow on because you need to blur out harsh lines from the eyeliner making it appear smoked out.  So the quality of the eyeliner is very important.  I used SilkyGirl Perfect Stay 20 Hour Dark Brown Eyeliner Pencil for this particular look.

How to: Bigger Eyes with Just an Eyeliner

And for you to better understand the trick on how to do it, videos are better right?  Here’s a quick IG Reel I did!  I hope you learn something from me and practice is all you need.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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