Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Weekend Style for Busy Moms


Hello AMW Friends.

How are you?  I guess the Alert Level of COVID-19 is going down so I hope you guys are taking this chance to visit your loved ones but make sure to protect yourself to be able to protect your loved ones as well.

I usually use my weekend to visit my parents, I haven’t visited them since the start of 2022 due to the sudden surge of OMICRON cases.  See how excited I was to visit them?

Visiting parentals and dropping by restaurant and buying them some groceries is my chance to dress up comfortably.  I also used a long-sleeved top as a cover-up so I can easily remove it before heading straight home after all my errands.

I also used this cute bag from Beyond The Vines 

The cute Micro Dumpling Bag comes in various colors and it is foldable!  Yes you can fold it so small (like a palm of your hand) for storage.  Also, I love it that it comes with a long strap so I can move around hands free!  

And don’t judge the bag by its’ size!  I can actually fit my iPhone 11 Pro Max (not a small phone!), keys (both mine and my mom’s place), cash, credit card and credit card holder, alcohol and wipes!  I also store my extra face mask because I double-mask whenever I leave the car!  

And seriously?  Doesn’t this remind you of a real dumpling?  So cute!

I also took the time to wear my newest Fly Shades Summer collection shades.  

How do you like my look?

Keep smilin' 
Stay happy!

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