Friday, March 4, 2022

Philips Selfie Straightener Review


If you are a follower of my Blog for quite some time, you’ve seen me review different hair straighteners from the most inexpensive to a more expensive ones.  Various brands, various sizes - you all find them here.

And I never thought I missed a size of hair straightener that I didn’t own.  Or maybe, it was new?

Philips, known for their personal care brands, offers an inexpensive hair straightner called Philips Selfie Straightener.

WHY SELFIE?  I’m not sure but I guess it is a good-enough hair straightener size for you to be able to manage a nice hairstyle by yourself?

Philips Selfie Straightner 

Available at Lazada


I tested this flat iron for many times, doing straight hair, wavy hair and curler hair.  And true to its’ size, it is in between the smallest flat iron I own (which is around 12 inches) and the regular sized flat iron that are sole in the market for years.  This is around a whole face size - the size of this straightener goes from the tip of my forehead down to my chin.  And it is a simple smooth, black textured product with pink plates making this a cute addition in your dresser. 

The Iron has a curved side making it easy to do smooth curls.

Since this is a smaller hair straightener, it is best to note to section your hair in SMALLER section as compared to regular straightener.  Check out the amount of hair to perfectly creat waves or curls.  BUT, if you plan to straighten your hair, you can grab more

The weight of the straightener is lighter than regular straighteners!  So I don’t feel tired after doing a full head of hair!  

The Philips Selfie Straightener is easy-to-use.  Plug and play ang peg.  You just plug and switch the on/off button which is located at the inside of the iron so you won’t accidentally turn off the iron while in use.

The iron heats up quickly, around 60seconds and the heat is just right - a temp perfect for healthy or even fragile hair.  

Unfortunately, it only comes with 1 temeperature setting.  You can’t choose to make the heat higher or lower which isn’t a problem for straightener noobs.  But as a dailiy hair styling tool, I don’t mind the plug and use function.

I also like how my hair looks shiny and silky after use!  Thanks for the Keratin plates!  I see the difference!

Straight Hair

And here’s my curly hair done using Philips Selfie Straightener.

A quick video on how to use the Philips Selfie Straightener

Which hair straightener brand do you currently own?
Are you happy with it?

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  1. Hi. Thanks for this review. I also bought one and can I ask if you need an adaptor for this.


    1. Hi Reg, welcome! No need for adaptor if u live in PH


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