Friday, April 22, 2022

Pixi +Rose Glow-y Powder review


Pixi has been doing well in terms of their star product Glow Tonic, Vitamin +C and even +Rose Colourtreats Collection.  I never doubt the brand as I used a couple of their skincare products and they always deliver.

When it comes to their makeup products, I am still unsure about the quality as I haven't tried much of them.  Thankfully, I was able to try the Pixi +Rose Glow-y Powder which is marketed as a silky-touch of Glow to brighten effortlessly!

Now before you start raising your brows as you stare on my photo and wonder: "Where is the blush?  Why can't I see it?"

Pixi Rose Glow-y Powder review

I believe the Pixie +Rose Glow-y Powder is meant to be a skin/face enhancer rather than a blush color per se.  If you read the product description carefully, the product is expected to bring a veil of light, reflective sheen to complexion and is best used as blush, highlighter or eye shadow.  

Pixi Rose Glow-y Powder review

Now, I like using this as a blush as I like subtle blush anyways!  But that does not stop me from using a big face brush and lightly dust the product all over my face and neck after base makeup application.  On days, I just skip powder and apply this on top of my concealer or BB creams.

Pixi Rose Glow-y Powder review

If you wonder how it will fair on you.  If you are lighter or fairer than I do, this will work well as a blush or cheek color, if you have the same skin tone as I do, you can still use this as blush but you need to use a compact natural face brush and apply more than usual to achieve an obvious color.  

If you have medium dark to darker complexion, this will definitely work as a nice highlighter or glowing powder to highlight certain areas of your face!

If you want to see how this product appears on my Mac NC25 or Light Beige from other makeup brands, this would be the effect.  I like to use this as a base blush powder and apply another darker blush powder to diffuse everything and make the blush look more natural!

Pixi Rose Glow-y Powder review

As for longevity, the product does not stay as long-wearing as other blush powder brand but I like how it keeps my skin appear fresher than usual.  You only need to re-apply after 3-4 hours especially if you have oily skin.

Pixi Rose Glow-y Powder review

I haven't used this as an eyeshadow yet but I felt this will also work as a "blending powder" between 2 eyeshadow shades!

And thankfully, the product itself has skin-loving ingredients so I don't mind wearing this the whole day!  I used to remove makeup immediately after work but when I know makeup products are made with safe ingredients, I don't mind extending the wear!  Thanks to the presence of Rose Extract, Ferulic Acid as an Antioxidant Boost and Jojoba to help nourish my skin!

This blush is a nice "add-on" to my blush collection!

For more information follow Pixi Philippines on Instagram and you may shop online via Lazada or Shopee.

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