Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Divoom Fairy-OK review


If you worked with me (at least once) in an office setting, or rode with me on a public transportation on the way home during college or work days.  You'll know how much of a music lover I am!  

I listen to music A LOT, I have a speaker that connects to my phone almost every corner of my home because music keeps me going!  I even have various background music for special moments of my life!

The first time I met my husband and the song that made me kilig? - "Calling Your Name Again" by the Carpenters.

My practicum days at the airport? - Shape of my Heart by the Backstreet Boys.

The first kilig moments with my first boyfriend (now hubby)? - "I Lay My Love On you" by Westlife.

And so on....

Divoom Fairy-OK review

Naku, you guys can definitely see how Tita I am with the choice of songs.  But yes, that's how important music is in my life and owning a good speaker is something else.  When I discovered Divoom speaker from a good friend Marj, I never realized how a good quality, and powerful speaker can make a HUGE difference in your muni-muni moments.  I mean, this little cutie looks cute and small but tough in terms of good, quality sound system! 
Divoom Fairy-OK review

And that's not all, aside from the Retro-vibe, it comes with a cute MIC that has perfect quality like that of the speaker!  I am so happy I swear I put this on my bedside and listen to good music and relax as I play my games or read my favorite book!  

A plus that the mic is the best way for me and my son to bond over random music!  WORTH EVERY SINGLE CENTAVO this gadget I swear!

Divoom Fairy-OK speaker is priced locally at Php5,650.00 available in Pink and Green at LAZADA.

Specs: (Feel free to click to enlarge).


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