Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Hourglass Ambient Lightning Edit - Universe Palette Review


We all love some glow!  It is visible when you look into my skincare products nowadays and my style of base makeup!  I always make sure the finish makes my skin looks healthy, glowing and young-looking!  

Last year, I got the sought after palette from Hourglass called the Ambient Lightning Edit - Universe palette (From Hourglass Holiday 2020!) .  It is a huge palette that contains 5 versatile and multi-tasking shades!

Hourglass Ambient Lightning Edit - Universe Palette Review

Don't worry, although this palette itself is limited edition, you can find most of the shades in other packaging!

  • Ambient Lighting Infinity Powder (left most) – finishing powder
  • Vibrant Heat Strobe Blush (center top)
  • Luminous Rose Blush (center bottom)
  • Glistening Bronze Light Bronzer (right top)
  • Supernatural Strobe Light Strobe Powder (right bottom)

Hourglass Ambient Lightning Edit - Universe Palette Review

You don't have to worry about getting confused with the shade usage or names!  It's all printed clearly at the back!  But for me, this palette is so easy-to-use you don't need to think!  I just find myself swirling from 1 pan to another!  

Hourglass Ambient Lightning Edit - Universe Palette Review

I like to use the "finishing powder" all over my face.  Swirl shades 3 and 4 blush and apply on my cheeks and highlight and contour my face using shades 4 and 5!  Easy-peasy, no need to overthink!

Hourglass Ambient Lightning Edit - Universe Palette Review

The palette itself is pricey for Php5,100 (Available at Sephora PH).  But if you divide the price with the number of pan inside, it is around Php1,000+ each and the pan is quite big and you get a good amount of products!  I have been using this palette for months to almost a year and it looks good as new!  No matter how many times I swirl my blush on the palette, the powder stays almost the same!  

The palette shades may look "hohum" on photos but it looks unreal in person!  It gives a subtle (but obvious glow) if you want some contradiction in my statement!  I love how I felt like it doesn't do anything on my face but whenever I see people, they would say : "Your skin is nice today!"  

This palette works well in all skin tone!  

What do you think?  Do you like this palette?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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