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Ikoo Home Detangling Brush Review


For someone who loves to take care of her hair for many years!  I have heard using the right hair tools like comb and brushes would make a difference to the final look of your hair.

I used to be a hairstylist, a professional hairstylist!  I own a lot of combs, brushes and detangler God know how much I spent on those!  But never have I felt a brush could be THIS effective on FIRST USE!

I was in denial and even had to show this brush to my husband and he was amazed as well!  

IKOO Home Detangling Brush
Shade: Oyster
Available at SEPHORA Philippines

Ikoo Home Detangling Brush Review

Description from Sephora PH - 

What it is:

A hair detangling brush that is ergonomically designed with a central finger grip.

What it does:

This brush leaves you with shiny, healthier-looking hair. Proprietary Ergonomic Design with finger grip allows for extra control and painless detangling designed to perfectly fit in your palm Two-Tiered Bristle Architecture detangles and tames frizz from roots to ends Scalp Massage boosts circulation to promote a healthy scalp and healthier hair.

Ikoo Home Detangling Brush Review

AMW says :
The brush is indeed created in a sense that it felt like a mold made specifically for your hands!  The cute curve is perfect and easy to hold even if the brush does not have an extra long handle. 

The Ikoo Home Detangling Brush comes with a lot of nice metallic shades.  I got the basic silver shade called Oyster.  It felt like a mirror and I can almost see my reflection!  The brush is housed in a cute rectangular container like that for the shades!  I find myself not using the box because I use the brush so often I don't want to keep opening and closing the box!

The bristles are unique, it has various height and are packed so close together.  Does it hurt whenever I use it?  No.  Each bristle are soft and gentle to touch, it does not hurt the scalp, it actually massages the scalp whenever I brush it on my roots I find the instant rush of blood flow addicting!

Ikoo Home Detangling Brush Review

I used to use a wide tooth comb on wet hair and when I read instructions, this brush is meant to be used on damp hair and it felt weird at first but it felt right after doing so.  It does not pull my hair and I don't have a lot of hair fall!  I was exacting a lot of "pulled hair strands" but happy to report that did not happen.

And here's the magical part.  You can see how my hair turned smooth and frizz-free on FIRST BRUSH!  I had to comb on dry hair for you to see!  And hair is definitely straighter and more manageable after using this brush.  I also like to apply my hair serums and use this brush to spread it all over my hair strands.

Ikoo Home Detangling Brush Review

I don't know how I'll go back using a normal brush after trying this out.  I gave a shocked look when I saw the price but let me tell you, it is worth it!  There's no hype so I am hyping this up because...The hype is real!!!

Watch my quick IG reel video below to see for yourself!

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  1. Hi. Would you say this is similar to tangle teezer brush?


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