Friday, June 10, 2022

Douyin Blush Look


Nars launched their Air Matte Mousse in the midst of pandemic but that does not stop me from wearing them since I got them!

And now that things are going back to normal, I am more excited to create new and exciting looks with the said Air Matte Mousse.  I've been seeing Douyin look on Tiktok (Douyin is a Chinese version of Tiktok) and the girls usually do their makeup with exaggerated blush application close to the eye area!

Does this look work for girls in the 40s?  Do I look trying hard?  You be the judge!  But please be EXTRA NICE :P

Douyin Blush Look

The Douyin Blush trend consists of applying blush not only on the undereye area but also on the nose!  Most of the time, the blush shade used are the bright ones - not the subtle ones so I particularly picked Nars Air Matte Mousse in shade Scandalous - the darkest shade among the 3 blush I own.

Douyin Blush Look

In person, it does look a bit too exaggerated and I probably won't do this on regular days, I will do this trick only when I do video calls or if I want to take cute photos! :P

Douyin Blush Look

There are a lot of trends out there that we can try just for fun but I doubt it is feasible to do such trend on a day to day basis.  A regular blush technique is still what I love and do!  But it doesn't hurt to give these trends a try even once in our life since makeup is temporary!  

How do you feel about this Douyin Blush Trend?

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