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SkinRX Lab’s MadeCera Line Review


Since the launch of Skincare with no frills - a.k.a. Skin RX Lab.

I immediately tested and used their dermatologic grade products made for all skin types!  I am glad they veered away from the usual 10-step Korean routine and went for a simpler route - multifunctional and effective.

The 3 products I got during the launch to test!  

SkinRX Lab’s MadeCera Line Review

The Madecera Cream (Php765.00 for 15ml tube and Php1,845 for 50ml tube) is our Skin RX Lab’s most popular product with over 1.5 millions sales globally. It’s a multi-function product that brightens, moisturizes and helps address aging. 

I also get to try the Madecera Mild Whipped Cleanser (Php895.00 for 10ml) and Madecera Sleeping Mask (Php1,095 for 50ml).  They also include some of their masks for Php115.00 per pack.  

Let us start by talking about Madecera Mild Whipped Cleanser.  

SkinRX Lab’s MadeCera Line Review

Looking at the "whipped" texture and name, don't be fooled by it.  The product is so potent and thick you can actually lather it into a big foam even with just less than a pea-size amount.  During the launch, some of the guests ask if this product can also remove makeup and I tested it out with full face makeup and true enough, it can remove all traces of makeup EXCEPT waterproof mascara and liner because I try not to get the product into my eyes.

I also like the mild scent and how it kept my skin soft and smooth without the dryness!

What about the star product from the brand Madecera cream?  I chose to use this once a day only in the morning!  I use only this product after face washing and top it with a sunblock.  I find this cream to be super potent and thick in consistency.  You have to use a little amount and apply sparingly if you don't like the heavy feel.  I felt this product is great especially on people with combination skin - you can easily look for dry areas or patches around your face and apply a good amount and you'll feel instant hydration.  The wonderful part is, hydration stayed the WHOLE DAY!  My skin never felt dry the whole day when I started using this.

How will oily-skin user feel about using this "heavy cream" product?  Don't worry, the product finishes off matte so you have this feel of a cream on your face but it doesn't look like you have anything on!  I blame our humid weather that's why this is perfect for anyone who are staying inside the air conditioned room!  If you are always outside under the sun and on the go, maybe go for the sleeping mask instead as that is lighter.

SkinRX Lab’s MadeCera Line Review

Let's continue to talk about the brand's Sleeping Mask which I just mentioned.  This is my favorite "mask" as a final step before I go to bed!  The texture is smooth and cool on the skin so I felt such relief (like a face spa) whenever I apply this!  I also like to use this as a great "hydrator" whenever I use my facial massage tools (ex. Guasha, etc...)

SkinRX Lab’s MadeCera Line Review

Truth be told, with the intense moisture I get from all 3 products mentioned above, I haven't tried any of the masks from SkinRX Lab as of the moment.   Feel free to DM or comment down below if you want an update or follow me on Instagram as I always share my skincare tips and updates there!

SkinRX Lab’s MadeCera Line Review

For someone who has sensitive skin and immediately jumped in all 3 products from the brand, I am impressed how my skin openly accepted these new products without skin irritations.  That said, Madecera is really made for sensitive skin and all skin types!  I love how my skin remains fresh, glowing and hydrated even on days I missed a step! 

SkinRX Lab’s MadeCera Line Review

Skin RX Lab PH is available in Lazada and Shopee. Look for the skinrxlab_philippines mall account to buy authentic products. Beware of counterfeit items being sold online. 

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