Monday, June 6, 2022

Helix-D Eye Serum Review

I am a PRO-eye care.  I've mentioned in this blog (and in person to friends) so many times how important eye products are.  I have seen (myself) a photo of my eyes up close before using an eye product and after.  It may not be visible when you look at the overall face, having it zoom in close to the macro lenses can tell a different story.

I see lines disappeared - shorter!  Lessened by cm.

I see puffiness lessened.

I see how darkness were lessened too!

Truth be told, I should not be a proud reviewer because I sleep around 3am earliest every single day since my son started his summer vacation!  That said, the extra darkness on my eye area may be more visible these days than before.  But what is remain constant is my constant application of Helix-D eye serum every night - I said every night because I am so lazy to do eye care in the morning!  That is why it took me months (more than half a year) to finally put up a review on this product. 

Helix-D Eye Serum Review

For your information, I am already half way done with this product.  I have been using with my new RF wand and most of the time with my clean fingers.  I just started using this recently with the RF wand so I think the effect is NOT from the RF want yet but from the product itself.  Now let's start with my thoughts and if you should shell out more than Php3,000 for this eye product!

Helix-D Eye Serum Review

Helix-D Eye serum says ---

  • Helps reduce the look of fine lines & crow's feet.
  • Helps lighten the look of dark circles.
  • Reduces and removes puffiness around the eyes.
  • Supports collagen renewal.
  • \Increases skin firmness and improves skin texture.
  • Helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes.
AMW says ---
  • Pump packaging so this is very hygienic.
  • Clear packaging so you have an idea how much product is left.
  • The texture is almost like water!  It starts with gel and goes to water-like form!
Helix-D Eye Serum Review

  • Hydrates the  undereye area instantly and it gives a "brightened effect" due to the glossy finish.
  • Works as a great makeup base!  Works well underneath concealers.
  • Darkness lessened after 3 months usage (visible to the naked eye).
  • Skin around the eyes felt tighter and firmer.
  • Goes well with my skincare devices.
  • No sting or eye irritations.
  • The only downside I can say is how the pump is so hard to manage!  You get surprised with a whole blob of product coming out on a single pump!  I wish they do something to fix this!

AMW using Helix-D Eye serum together with BagofGlam Ice Pop Eye RF Wand

I did not take a decent before and after particularly for this product but I have a photo of me before using Helix-D Eye serum and the most recent photo taken today.

Please note that my sleeping habit is even worst nowadays but I felt my eyebags to be lighter and my bags aren't as "loose" as it used to!  I still have a bit of a puffy excess baggage underneath my eyes but considering how least amount of hours I sleep, my eyes still look awake and good!

So the verdict? I am impressed with Helix-D Eye Serum and will keep on using this until I finish the bottle.
Will I repurchase?  Most definitely!!!  I can see results!

Helix-D Eye Serum is available locally at

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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