Friday, June 3, 2022

Vaseline Lip Care Tube in Rosy


Even though I wear mask whenever I go out, I make it a point to wear hydrating lip products to keep my lips from getting dry and rough from the friction between lips and mask!  

The most problem people usually failed to notice!  Most concerns fall on skin - that explains maskne, but little does people realize, our lips are taking the most burden!

Vaseline Lip Care Tube in Rosy review

I was sent a couple of tubes of Vaseline Lip Care (Made in Korea!) and I took it on a side for a while as I have this personality of finishing up whatever I am currently using before opening a new one!

Finally, after more than 2 years into the pandemic, I gave this 100% Vaseline Jelly a try!  A well-known brand for lip care!  I tested this product and I am happy to announce that this surpasses my expectations!  

I knew Vaseline is good, well-trusted, but it is always NOT ENOUGH for my dry and parched lips!  Thankfully, this particular product offers more!

Vaseline Lip Care Tube in Rosy review

Vaseline Lip Care does not only hydrate my lips instantly upon application, it kept my lips looking moist and healthy throughout the day!  It is smooth, non-sticky, non-greasy and stays that way for longer time as compared to the old version!

Vaseline Lip Care Tube in Rosy review

I only went for Rosy Tinted variant because I wanted color on my lips!  The Original Lip Balm is actually used by Kyle, because unfortunately, he got my dry lips genes!  

I love the fact that this product is housed in a tube making it extremely convenient (and hygienic) to use!  Finger-free indeed!  The slanted tip is perfect to slide on my lips with breeze!  
I find myself loving the subtle hint of color - not the non-existent ones most tinted lip balms offer, this one, you can definitely see a hint of baby pink shade!

Vaseline Lip Care Tube in Rosy review
Perfect for healing dry and irritated lips, the trusted Vaseline Lip Care now in a convenient squeeze tube format gives you a new reason to smile!

Vaseline Lip Care Tube in Rosy review

The all-new Vaseline Lip Care Tubes retail for only PHP 109.00 SRP and are now available through e-commerce platforms Watsons Online, Lazada, and Shopee. For more information, visit or the Vaseline Philippines Facebook page.

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