Thursday, June 2, 2022

Must Try: A fresher and bolder take on your favorite Fried Chicken!


Jackson’s Fried Chicken elevates the playing field with its menu revamp to better showcase its offerings

Who doesn't love a good fried chicken? Whether you're a casual foodie or a certified connoisseur, this crispy and juicy dish remains a staple in many households and hearts.

Fortunately, the choices have expanded and become less constrained within the walls of fast- food chains. One of the most notable alternatives is foodpanda exclusive Jackson’s Fried Chicken!

Famous for its candid tagline, bold flavors, thick thighs, and extensive dipping options for various palates. The brand doesn't just continue to elevate the chicken game. It also does its part in actively improving the customer experience for both new and returning customers with added variety to the latest menu update, which launched exclusively on foodpanda last April 2022. 

The options now include: Chicken Burger with Spiced Fries and drink (P259), Popcorn Chicken (P149), Jackson’s Spicy Chicken Cheese Burger (P179), Original Chicken Tenders (P149) and Garlic Noodles (P129).

Jackson’s Spicy Chicken Cheese Burger (P179)
Crispy coated spicy chicken in a bun with cheese, garlic aioli, and lettuce

Popcorn Chicken (P149)
Crispy and juicy chicken bites

Original Chicken Tenders (P149)
Juicy chicken fingers

Garlic Noodles (P129)
Asian inspired sweet, savory, addictively rich noodles

If you haven't had the chance, join the #JacksonsPH love train and order only on the foodpanda app. Perfect for all-around good vibes and days when you just want to reward yourself - you deserve it!

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