Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Summer Hairstyle!


Ah, the weather is so crazy nowadays!
It gets super hot in a couple of hours then it'll suddenly rain for a couple of minutes making it extra sticky and humid! 

I used to be called a --- cold blooded mammal!  *laughs*

I can stay inside a sauna bath for 30 minutes and starts to break into sweats a few minutes before I leave the sauna.  PORE-LESS to be exact!  But things have changed because...Global Warming! 

Especially I stay and work from home most of the time, I find myself moving more because I need to --

1. Work

2. Take care of my son.

3. Cook

4. Work again

5. Hold meetings.

and a whole lot more and in between those tasks I felt the perspiration tickling down from my scalp to the back of my neck!  It is seriously gross but #REAL .

Found a perfect hairstyle to confuse my head perspiration to move around the braid before it tickle down to my face!  hahahah seriously, no Science behind this - solely based from experience! 

And easy side braid on my hair and thigh it up in ponytail!  I felt fresher, more in the mood to move around!  Seriously, an old hairstyle that works!

What's your summer hairstyle?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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