Sunday, June 26, 2022

Magnolia Ready-To-Cook Chicken Meals


Hi AMW Friends!
Happy Sunday!  My brother had his emergency appendectomy as his appendix burst and it was all crazy!  My brother live with my parents, unmarried and my mom is old to look after him and I can't stay in the hospital overnight as I have my own son to look after for.  

It was CRAZY!  But things were in place for some miraculous reason.  He was able to go through his surgery and was safe (Thank God!).  My dad's Caregiver was the one who stayed in the hospital as the hospital rules changed due to Covid scare.  They do PCR tests and they are not allowed to leave the hospital for the whole duration of stay.  That said, my mom is left to take care of my dad which is IMPOSSIBLE as my dad is bedridden and my mom is around 77 years old!  

My sister and I made a plan to go to my mom's place and scheduled to cook for them and help them feeding my dad and include household chores as well.  

Because I was too hyper cooking various dishes that would last the whole day, I ended up coming back home TIRED and too lazy to cook for my family.  Nakaka-guilty but I am only human!  I can't deal for long hours in the kitchen again after returning home and also ....time constraint! 

Thankfully, there are easy-to-cook dishes available that are really delicious!  I mean I wouldn't feed my own family dishes that tastes like "chemical", if you know what I mean.

I trust Magnolia when I buy chicken so I trust I get fresh, good quality chicken.  Magnolia Chicken Timplados comes in --- Fried Chicken, Oriental Wings, Spicy Wings and Chicken Teriyaki.

So yes, sobrang sarap all the flavors and it doesn't require a lot of prep in the kitchen!  God's answer to a tired and busy mom!

Have you tried Magnolia Ready-To-Cook chicken dishes?
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