Saturday, July 9, 2022

A White Tee and Cargo Pants


I used to shy away from white top!  Not only because they get dirtied easily, but I have a bit of body issues - we all do!  But I have broad shoulders and big arms, wearing light colored tops would enhance those features.

Today, I am not wearing this top just because I felt I am very sexy :P  I wish I could say that some day, but I am more comfortable to wear white top with the right pairing - and of course, pick the right size of clothin.

A White Tee and Cargo Pants

I recently bought this super comfy cargo pants in Beige color and TBH, it is so hard to pair this color - so the easiest and safest way would be a white plain top I got from Uniqlo PH.  

A White Tee and Cargo Pants

On casual days, I just wear this with slippers or rubber shoes.  If I ended up wearing this for a meeting, I'd go for accessorizing with a nice necklace, earrings and wear a simple nude pumps!  It'll work right?

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