Friday, July 15, 2022

Blowdry Like A PRO


For many years, I worked as a Make Up Artist but a few of you know I only do hairstyling.  I hire a partner to work with me when I do Bridal gigs but for random clients who wanted simple hairstyle, I do it by myself so I have a fair share of experience doing hair.

Ask any professional hairstylists, no matter how good you are with clients, there is a small percentage of difficulty to style your own hair.  One style I've had a super hard time and have been practicing so much through pandemic?  BLOWDRYING!

Blowdry Like A PRO with Dyson Supersonic

To create waves or curl, I am more comfortable using a flat iron or curling iron.  But to achieve a full volume style, blow dryer is still my bestfriend.

How?  I've finally found a way to blow dry your own hair but you need 2 things - a good Ceramic Ion brush (A brush that is used not for brushing but for curling! This brush traps heat!) and a good blow dryer. 

Blowdry Like A PRO with Dyson Supersonic

I find my Dyson Supersonic blow dryer perfect because it is lightweight and small!  So it is easier for me to handle this on my own without worrying about ouchie arms.

Blowdry Like A PRO with Dyson Supersonic

Watch this video to learn how to Blowdry like a PRO!

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