Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Jabra Talk 15SE Review


Do you use wireless ear piece when you talk on the phone?

I do, I used to have a full on earphone for work wearing it from 8am to 6pm straight.  I need my hands free when talking on the phone for work as I type relevant and important details for my HR job.  I also tend to multi-task a lot!  So I also use it in between cooking, dishwashing and a whole lot more!  Catching up with my family is super important so I love to chitchat while doing house chores making tasks easier to manage!

I also use earphones a lot whenever I drive.  I love catching up with my husband and son in between traffic and update them on my whereabouts.  As you can see, very vital siya sa life ko so I am glad I discovered one that sits comfortably on my ear --- my ears are weird by the way, most ear phones fall off on its' own!  Kaya this newly discovered JABRA TALK 15SE is staying with me because --- simply said --- it just stayed!

Jabra Talk 15SE Review

Jabra says ---

  • - Incorporates audio technology that has been optimized to make conversations clear.
  • - Features an intuitive design that makes pairing simple and easy to operate.
  • - Stream music, podcasts and GPS directions.
  • - With up to 6 hours of battery on a single charge.

Jabra Talk 15SE Review

Price: Php1,950.00
Available HERE

Jabra Talk 15SE Review

The functions are quite basic and you can find them on most earphones whether brand or not.  The difference that I like about this is the comfort.  How it can sit comfortably on my ears for hours without pain and the sound quality is good naman even to listen to music!  

Again, to each their own, you can find better options of course for higher price range but this is okay for the affordable price.

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