Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Another Easy Bun-style (Low Bun)

Easy is the new favorite word of people nowadays.  I mean we all love the word easy but because of Social Media like Tiktok, everything seems to look easier with a tutorial worth a minute of your time or even less!

I am NOT complaining because things are starting to be easier with hacks available in the market.  I mean some of the hacks are obviously not feasible while some really saves a lot of your time.  Just like this particular bun hack!

I used to study hairstyling and I remembered doing a bun on a client is one of my most not favorite hairstyle in the world!  

How hard it is to do a bun?  

HARD!  Especially if you are doing weddings or special occasions were clients are really perfectionist with their hair.  Certain techniques are needed to achieve that professional looking bun so this post IS NOT IT!  This easy low-bun is perfect for simple gatherings or when you're doing errands or just a quick coffee date.  Just casual.  The more messy it is the cuter it looks! 

So after the long intro, here we go! *winks*

Another Easy Bun-style (Low Bun)

If you have layered hairstyle like I do, you may need to use several hairclips to secure some falling hair and use a hairspray to keep everything in place!

Another Easy Bun-style (Low Bun)

Also you can use cute clips like this ribbon that I used in this tutorial to level-up the look!  If you want something more formal, you can use sparkly clips!

Another Easy Bun-style (Low Bun)

 As always, I shared this hairstyle on Instagram a few weeks back.  Please watch this tutorial to better undrstand how this is done! 

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