Monday, November 14, 2022

Powder versus Powder Foundation


What is the difference of Powder and Powder Foundation?
Have you noticed both before buying them or you just take whatever you see based from packaging?

Today, I have the lowdown for you on the differences between a POWDER and POWDER FOUNDATION.  And yes, if you are new to this blog, there are huge differences and usage for both products!

the difference of Powder versus Powder Foundation

To sum it up, powder (also known as pressed powder) contains only powder as an ingredient.  Powder foundation on the other hand can be applied in 2 ways - dry or damp.  

If you are aiming for coverage, then definitely go for Powder Foundation as this is the best product to use for light to medium coverage.  If you want heavier coverage, you may apply the product damp and it works almost close to liquid foundation.  Nothing beats liquid or cream foundation when it comes to coverage but powder foundations work just as well. (Depending on brand)

If you are someone who likes to reduce oil or freshen up, then pressed powder (or loose powder) is the way to go.  

the difference of Powder versus Powder Foundation

With that, here's the magical question:

"Which among the two do I need?"

You may survive using only 1 or if you are a beauty enthusiast like I am, both is the best best.

If you like to use BB or CC creams or even liquid//cream foundations on the daily basis, then you can opt for pressed powder as a retouch tool.  Pressed powder is your best bet to retouch several times a day without making you feel like you have a thick layer of makeup on your face.  Pressed powder does not add coverage or move your makeup, just be sure to use a dabbing motion or use a big powder brush during application for seamless look.

As for Powder foundation, I like to use this on a daily basis as my makeup base.  I use pressed powder within the day for touch-ups and that is my best solution for someone who doesn't know what to pick!

Here's a detailed video on how both products look.

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