Wednesday, November 9, 2022

How To: Make Eyes Appear Closer


How to make eyes appear closer you say? Most often, people would use glasses to emphasize the width of their eyes.  Some doesn’t so they would go for lasik eye surgery,  if you wonder about lasik eye surgery cost , the best prices are often found in Dubai (as told by my friend).  The prices starts at $1000 and surgeries like SMiLE Lasik are around $2,800 for both eyes.

As for me, I am here to teach you how to achieve such with makeup.  And you would probably expect me to create a full face makeup or someone like that from theater using various products to achieve this look.

Well, you are wrong!  I have no time to bring out all the products like before - I am a super busy and always in a rush MOM!  So if like me, you can only spare a few minutes to look good, you are at the right place!

TADA!  Can you see the difference?

How To: Make Eyes Appear Closer

A lot of people would think I'd achieve this closer eyes look with eyeshadow, I am proving to you that you can do so with one product - CONTOUR POWDER.  You can even use a contour cream or liquid but that would be harder to blend though it will last longer!  

These are some of the products used to achieve a cleaner look!

Products used:
Eyebrow pencil : @bobbibrownph
Concealer: @makeupforever
Setting Powder: @lauramercier
Contour powder: @tartecosmetics
Big Brush : @avonph (good quality brushes nila guys! 👍)
Small brush to blend concealer : @realtechniquesphilippines (another winner brush brand)

How To: Make Eyes Appear Closer

If you want to proceed to your usual eyeshadow, eyeliner and the whole she bang, you may continue to do so after the contouring step!  

How To: Make Eyes Appear Closer

For better understanding, I've created (as always) a quick video for you!  Show me some love by following me on Instagram as I share a lot of beauty hacks and tips there!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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