Monday, December 12, 2022

Sheet masking 101


Some of you ask me via DM if sheet masking are important.  There have been rounds of Tiktok videos saying sheet masking are useless.  

"To each their own."

I firmly believe sheet masks work!  I remembered having ultimate dry skin moment and I consistently used Hyaluronic sheet masks from Dr. Morita and it worked wonders!  I personally felt the difference so I highly recommend them.

To some who probably have normal skin, and are in very consistent with their skincare routine, maybe, you do not need this extra expense.

Sheet masking are my boost of skincare in less the time!  If you want super hydrated skin ready for an important event, they work!  That is why most makeup artist use this to prep their clients' skin instead of applying a whole round of skincare products - which, by the way is more expensive!  

At the end of the day, you do you!  I felt using sheet masks does not only improve my skin, it also helps my well-being!  I mean seriously, what fun it felt after removing the mask sheet!  I get instant soft, bouncy, smooth skin!

See?  The hydrated skin may last for only a couple of minutes but the confidence it gave me is worth it!  I felt like I won in the anti-aging department!  

Now that we have that argument kind of settled.  You may skip this post and click X or read further.  
I recently chanced upon  a daily mask sheet in box of 30s called VT Cosmetics.  I am NOT into daily masking but if I am lazy to put on my skincare, I would use this and end the day like I did my 7-step skincare routine --- shhh, that's faking it but that's me!  

How hard it is to apply sheet masks?  Why do I even need to post about this?  Well, there are some minute details that I would like to share and it will make a huge difference!  Watch my IG reel below and let me know if what I shared was old news or I'd appreciate it if you let me know that you learn something new!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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