Monday, January 16, 2023

How to Have Healthier Hair for the New Year


My hair is TRASH. 

Hahahah.  What a way to call my own hair right?  I am honest.  My hair is one of my concern since I was a teenager.  I remembered saving up my allowance to buy hair care products.  

I was born with unhealthy hair.  Kinky texture, dry and brittle.

So I spent my whole life taking care of it to look as decent as today.  Whatever you see today - even if it's still dry - is the best of my hair's ability! :P  

So to those who want to know what I've been doing - or using, here are some of my top products that I have purchased and repurchased.

Healthy hair starts with healthy roots.

I seem to have thick hair, but you are definitely tricked by the illusion of thick hair!  I have a lot of hairfall and my super patient husband is already complaining!  

"Have your scalp checked and use something!!!" - yup!  That's from him!

I did purchased a lot of hair thickening products, a lot of them are greasy, and worst, smells super bad!  SO obviously, I got lazy and did not even bother to do something about it.

Thankfully, I discovered Hairreve Hair Thickening Serum - when the brand says Hair Rescue, well, it is true!  I have a huge blob of "thinning hair area" making my hair looks thicker on one side and super thin on another side.  I used this spritz bottle after every shower and spritz all over my scalp and massage.  

Can I tell you a secret?  I was even trying to save this product so I only spritz (sometimes) on the thinning hair area and I can't seem to find that area anymore after finishing up the whole body!  I was amazed!!!!

Best of all, the product is NON-greasy, smells SUPER GOOD and best of all IT WORKED.  It really worked!  

Strengthen your Hair 
Especially when you love to use styling tools!  The constant blowdry, curling, straightening will put a huge toll to your hair.  I find my hair to be more brittle when I was trying out different hairstyles using various hair tools! 

So today, I can't seem to use any heat styling tools without protecting it with a product.  

Seal the Deal

After taking care of your roots, protecting your hair, I believe in sealing everything with Hair Oil.  The name itself sounds yucky but thankfully, there are many hair oils in the market that does not feel like oil - they felt like serum or light baby oil!

There's also a tip, I use these oil to work as "hot oil" and apply it all over my hair, massage it for good 10 minutes and leave it for 30 minutes to 1 hour with shower cap.  Shampoo hair with usual shampoo and conditioner and your hair will feel smooth for the next 3-4 days!

Splurge vs. Save

Invest on Styling Products
And if like me you love to style your hair - straight or curly.  Use a styling mist to keep the style stay longer at the same time, it protects your hair from the harmful heat of the tools.

Do you have any brand you would like me to try?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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