Thursday, January 12, 2023

BOHKTOH Perfect lash curler review

I felt like I am biased to 2 curler brands - Shiseido and Shu Uemura.  

These 2 brands have been compared side by side on Vlogs and Blogs.  Those were the days of constant product comparison (or versus mode!)  Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of those today right?  I see a lot of "dupes" or downplaying another brand by talking a certain brand. 


But let's get back to my purpose of this post!  LOL  I get older and tend to get distracted easily.

Though I am biased with 2 brands, I love ONE brand and ONLY ONE Brand --- SHISEIDO.  I hail it my MOST favorite eyelash curler year 2015 and 7 years after, I still felt the same!

After so many years of trying various brands from both local and international, one brand finally stepped up!  I mean not SHISEIDO LEVEL but for the price, it wasn't bad!

BOHKTOH Perfect lash curler review

Bohk Toh Perfect Lash Curler
Available HERE or HERE

BOHKTOH Perfect lash curler review

AMW says ---
  • Inexpensive
  • Comes with extra pad.
  • The curler itself has a "pad holder", you won't lose it anymore like I always do.
  • Same weight as expensive curlers.
  • Does not pinch my eyelid.
  • Does curl lashes properly but missed a few on both edges. (My lashes are extremely short so this is normal!)
BOHKTOH Perfect lash curler review

I still love my Shiseido curler as it curls 95% of my lashes.  Bohk Toh on the other hand can curl 80% of my lashes which is great enough!  If you are looking for inexpensive lash curler that works, you may want to check this out!

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