Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Gloww-ing skin? I Got You!


Year 2011, I've done a contest giving away GLOWW.

Imagine, it has been more than 11 years and I am back writing about this brand once again.  A brand that has been around for many years.  And I do not mind writing about this once again as I am a true believer of nourishing your skin from the inside.

Gloww Collagen is a food supplement powder to help improve skin elasticity, smoothness and moisturization to achieve youthful, beautiful and healthy skin.

Before raising an eyebrow on me regarding talks of Collagen powder intake, I can back you up with some benefits of taking such with my personal experience.  To some, they see NO results in taking collagen powder, they call it a waste of money.  But for me, I have been taking Collagen powder religiously since the start of pandemic and I can see results - even my friends say so!

This is my skin today, with just powder as base makeup - I am proud of my 43 year old skin.

Collagen is a type of protein that is found in our bones and skin.  They support many tissues from bones, cartilage to skin, hair, eyes and even our digestive system.  I for one was iffy in taking anything "Extra" aside from my multivitamins.  For someone who works as a researcher, it is normal for me to be doubtful and I always make myself feel better and more confident with constant research.

Based from research, I've found nothing but benefits of taking collagen supplements for both health and skin.

Why do we need to take collagen supplements when collagen are readily available in the food we intake?

I would say, these are not enough.  With added the sun exposure, stress that I encounter on a daily basis.  Those can easily decrease the amount of collagen needed by our body.  And before we go whining on not seeing results (I hear ya!  I am an impatient gal myself!)  Most results vary and can be seen around 8-15 weeks time or even more depending on your body.

As for me, I've started to see results as early as 2 months (8 weeks time).

So now, you've got the lowdown on Collagen, let me talk about my experience drinking GLOWW Collagen.  

"Gloww collagen has 2,500mg pure and potent Verisol collagen made in Germany. It’s especially formulated to be easily absorbed by the skin, resulting into a more youthful skin after 8 weeks of continued use. "

I like to mix my Gloww Collagen in my morning coffee drink.  They say it is best to drink it in the morning during breakfast time.  But for honesty in review, I do missed drinking  it in the morning on some days andI would drink it midday together with my hot tea or iced drinks.  It doesn't matter...I still saw results.

The powder dissolves easily without problem, Mixing it on drinks does not alter the taste of my beverages.

There were no side effects for me, I did not have upset stomach or felt nauseous as I usually do for supplements that does not work for me.  I felt no change on the first month and started to notice how my skin isn't as dry as before.  I used to apply lotion multiple times a day especially on the legs area due to dryness but I can actually get away without using lotion even for cooler weather.

I also noticed past 2nd month how my skin glows on photos even if I don't have makeup on.

This is my current skin condition with ZERO makeup and skincare products.  

So far, I am happy and I will continue to take Gloww Collagen powder.

Gloww Collagen costs Php90SRP per sachet and Php2,700SRP per box of 30s. 

Available at Mercury drugstores nationwide.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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