Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Happy 2023 from AMW Family!


OMG, would you believe that?  I get to greet you almost 10 days after New Year's Day!

Life is indeed BUSY yet good.  At least I am not sick or any of my family member.  I really pray the year 2023 will be better for all of us.  With the COVID virus weaning a bit!  I pray new variants won't get stronger than ever!  A reminder for you to always eat well, exercise and take supplements to strengthen immune system.

Life is still busy just like year 2022.  It actually gets busier as I have a few more jobs added to my usual "work" last year.  As a freelancer, I do not complain because I never get time off for myself, why?  I get work to do and enjoy the benefits of staying close to my son as needed - I mean not my choice but I do drive him to and from school.  Aside from being a MOM, I am also his Tutor.  That said, we are bonded almost 24/7 and I don't mind it!

Our 2022 Christmas and New Year were both memorable.  After missing 2 years of holidays in action, we finally bonded with immediately family and few friends.  Seeing friendly faces whom we missed means more than any Christmas gifts in the world.

We also took time to take professional photos with my husband's family!  Included is their cute Collie - COCO! 

Taking photos with a dog reminded me so much on Kyle's toddler days - yung hindi ka maka take ng photos sa sobrang likot! *laughs*

I am trying hard to get back to a routine so I can talk to you here more often!  I will share more beauty reviews, tips and a whole lot more that would make us feel beautiful inside out.

I pray this year (and the coming years) will bring you  joy, happiness, contentment and good health.  This sounds like a Hallmark card but I meant every single world.

If you are still reading my posts and not get tired of them, I SUPER APPRECIATE YOU and I want to give each and every one of you a tight CYBER HUG!  THANK YOU so much for staying.

Happy 2023!!!!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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