Thursday, February 23, 2023

Five Beauty Falsies


I recently discovered a local lash brand called Five Beauty because they reached out to me and sent me a kit for review.

As most people think that applying false lashes is one of the most difficult step in makeup application, the brand created Adhesive False Eyelashes and Lash Liner Sets!  These are the ultimate beauty essential for women-on-the-go!

Truth be told, most liner glue are easier to apply but since the glue aren't as thick as manually applying them with a lash glue (on tube), I find them not staying longer than the normal way.  And to be honest, I find it normal to apply false lashes after EVERY eye makeup application, but for this particular brand, I think applying falsies on bare eyelid is the way to go for the glue to stick better!  Just imagine, your eyelid full of eyeshadow, the thin line of lash glue won't be as sticky anymore.

Do you get it?

But true enough, these liner adhesives from are so far the best I have tried as of the moment.  No one can change my "old style-way" of lash application but I did use the set for a photoshoot I did.  A studio that does not require me to stay under the sun, to perspire and just several hours of photoshoot.  I cannot imagine this to work for whole day weddings (that's just me) especially for those who are monolided or those with hooded eyelids. A "liner glue" just won't be enough to last the humidity as well.

One tip is to maybe apply a thicker liner.


But again, not all eye shapes would work well with thick liners.  But I am intrigued to try their Crystal Cear Adhesive Liner.

When I read their press release, yes, these lashes are indeed meant for daily wear and those at work --- not for special occasions.  So they stand true to their Press Release.  

So far, this is a great short-term falsies application and I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for lashes that are lightweight, natural to look at and reusable!

For more information, visit, check them out at Shopee and Tiktok Shop.

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