Monday, February 27, 2023

Nudestix Trendy Blush Mini Kit review


I love Blush Sticks! 
I like them for their easy wear and how it is easy to travel with less hassle!  Just imagine, applying blush without a brush?

You can do that anytime anywere!

I got these Nudestix Blush Mini Kit via Sephora.  

Nudestix Trendy Blush Kit (Holiday Limited Edition)
Available HERE

Nudestix Trendy Blush Mini Kit review

Housed ina  cute black thin can that you can house all 3 sticks.  Each stick is approximately 3 inches in length.  You get a thick jumbo crayon-like color that made me use these on eyes, cheeks and lips just for fun - and for the sake of review.

Here are the 3 shades at a glance.

Swatch below for you to see the shade difference!  Left to right: Rosy Posy, Picante and Moodie Blu

Obviously, the only shade that works as eyeshadow, blush and lips is the most natural one - Rosy Posy.  I like how my skin was highlighted as glowing and healthy.  You can see that the other 2 shades made my skin look matte while Rosy Posy made my skin glass-like.  It must be the illusion of the shade against my skin - so keep in mind that the effect could be different with you since we may have different skin undertone.

Picante, on the other hand is very photogenic!   See how my cheeks popped?  It also gave a certain warmth to my cheeks like a warm summer in a tropical country - wait!  I am in a tropical country! :P

I personally do not like any orange type of lipstick so I guess the lip part does not work for me.

Moodie Blu is not for the faint-hearted if applied all over face.  BUT, looking only at my cheeks, it is my favorite lilac shade that can create better-looking skin.  See just how fresh I look here?

Obviously, with my experiment, the Nudestix Trendy Blush Mini Kit Holiday Edition can be worn all over, you do you, but sticking them as a blush color is still better!  But if you ask me, I'd wear Moodi Blu on eyes, Picante on Cheeks and Rosy Posy on Lips!

Yes, I will do that and maybe share a photo or 2 on my Instagram stories in the future.  Shameless plug ---- please follow me!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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