Friday, March 3, 2023

Douyin Look For Everyday


Hello guys!
Funny how I've been doing Korean Glass Skin and all those she-bang when it comes to K-Beauty and all I need to do is to go back to my roots --- my Chinese roots :P  and try the Douyin Trend.

Truth be told, I felt this trend is super beautiful, but because most Chinese influencers tend to go all out with filters - it does not feel as natural anymore that is why I have been putting this tutorial off because the real Douyin look would look weird on normal days! 

So obviously, I toned it down a bit and here's my version.

Douyin Look For Everyday by  Nikki Tiu of

For the sake of photography and video, I used White Eyeliner on my waterline but given the chance I'd redo this and go out with it, I'd use my favorite cream/peach colored pencil liner from the same company that I used with the white called Ready Set Glow.

Here are the complete list of products that I used and you can check it out as you go along watching my quick video to achieve this look.

Douyin Look For Everyday by  Nikki Tiu of

Products used:
@benefitph Hello Happy Air Stick Foundation
@makeupforever Eyebrow Pencil
@lunasolofficial eyeshadow palette
@readysetglowph Eyeliners (White and Beige colors and black liquid liner)
@maybellinephshop Mascara
@narsissist Matte Air Blusher in Scandalous
@missha.official Cotton Blush
@katetokyoph Red Nude Rouge
@thebodyshopph powder foundation : I love this so much I repurchased 6 compacts!
@realtechniquesphilippines Face Brush

Douyin Look For Everyday by  Nikki Tiu of

I super love this look and if I wanted to make this more dramatic, I'd definitely use a pair of false lashes.  I gave this step a skip since I will only be going out on an errand.  I don't want to shock the nation :P.

What do you think?
Do you like more Douyin makeup looks?  I can create more with different eye makeup color, blush color and a whole lot more!  I also love Douyin Looks with neutral colored lipsticks!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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