Thursday, March 23, 2023

Lipstick Fave for the Week: MAC’s Mull It Over


I used to post Lipsticks and Lipstick swatches every MONDAY.

Don’t ask me, I am not being OC but I like having  schedules and I seriously missed it.  Not that I am putting back Lipstick Monday but I will try to put out lipsticks recommendation as much as I can including of course - a review!  You all know I have dry lips since year 2008 when I started this blog and it still remains the same!  

MAC Powder Kiss Velvet  Shade: Mull It Over

MAC Powder Kiss Velvet 
Shade: Mull It Over
Available HERE

MAC Powder Kiss Velvet  Shade: Mull It Over

Today, I will feature an old shade in new format - new format for me because I never wrote about MAC’s Powder Kiss Velvet Lipsticks.  I’ve seen them around my Instagram pages where people use and talk about it but I never tried this particular lipstick yet.  

Mull It Over is described as dirty peach online but for me, this is a light coral peach shade with a hint of warmth rosy color that works for yellow undertone.  I can selcome find a peach lipsticks that work for me because most of them falls on the cool tone category - not this one.  Mull it Over is unique because it has a hint of warmthness.

MAC Powder Kiss Velvet  Shade: Mull It Over

Until now!  MAC Lipsticks are hit and miss for me, their matte formulations are drying on me and I won’t blame the brand, ALL matte lipsticks do not work for me and I need to do an extra step of exfoliating, rehydrating, blotting and the whole she-bang for me to be able to enjoy the power of mattes.

Thankfully, cosmetics brand were able to master their “Hydrating Matte Lipsticks” after decades of screaming WHYYYYYYY??? *laughs*

So yes, in the form of MAC Powder Kiss Velvet Lipsticks, these are close to matte lipsticks with more hydration.  It is very lightweight I don’t feel like I am wearing any lipstick at all and works so comfortably inside my face masks.

MAC Powder Kiss Velvet  Shade: Mull It Over

You are free to zoom in this photo to see the lines on my lips.  It still looked dry but the overall effect is quite nice.  My lips does not look uneven, my lips do not feather and best of all, the lipstick stays for approximately 4 hours with eating and drinking.   It does not transfer much on my face mask.

This is definitely inside my bag as of the moment for instant retouch.  

MAC Powder Kiss Velvet  Shade: Mull It Over

Have you tried Mac’s Mull It Over Shade?
Do you like it as much as I do?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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