Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Back at Marie France


The last time I visited Marie France center was year 2018.  I blogged about it and I received some comments asking me how was the after-effect.

As much as I'd love to say a lot --- busy mom with a kid who goes to school happened, and of course PANDEMIC.  If you ask me, yes it is effective if done consistently with guidance from a nutritionist.  And yes, you don't have to worry about skipping a year or 2 or 3 because you can always go back.  It is not like a surgical treatment that requires you go to back to the doctors for another check-up.  I am proud to say all treatments from Marie France are non-surgical which made me comfortable enough to go there as much as I can.

A quick story about my body - I haven't been totally overweight since I came back to the Philippines, I was overweight when I worked overseas with weight ranges around 135-140lbs.  Don't ask me for photos because I kept them in the "baul" :P

I was extremely active from 2018-2020, I was doing boxing, cardio and weight training 3-4 x a week at a close-by gym.  When pandemic hits March 2020, I lost all the muscles and weight from stress and weight went down to 105lbs.  I felt good and clothes fit better but that weightloss (or muscle loss shall I say) did not last!  It lasted only a year and my weight starts to go up.  

Don't come back to me saying I am a lazy bum.  Though I did not go back to the gym, I constantly exercise at home combining cardio and weight training.  Not as high intensity as boxing but I watch what I eat and eat as healthily as I can.  

Unfortunately, combining lack of "walking" (due to pandemic) plus AGE, my weight stayed at 122-123lbs.  Even the lady from Marie France was surprised as she said I look like I am around 115-118lbs but the weighing scale says otherwise.

Little did she know that I was carrying a pouch - my stubborn tummy and a batwing --- loose skin from my sudden stop of boxing!  

Not crying here, but I've decided to do something about it.  As I continue with my weights workout and cardio at home.  I've decided to head back to Marie France for the extra help.

And here are my top 3 favorites that work for my body type.  By the way, feel free to contact them for consultation because you can't just walk in there and say the treatments you want to try --- a consultation is needed for the Doctor to be able to come up with the right program for you.


Also known as Endermologie+ - this is a slimming technology that uses a small handheld tool to apply pressure n your body and it uses the combination of rolling, suction and pulsating motion to stimulate the fats locked within the deep tissue.

Imagine your fats hiding underneath and this treatment would create a "HUGE EARTHQUAKE" for fats to break apart.  

I wore a full body suit for this treatment and there is a choice for "full body" or half body.  Since I have really slim legs, my treatment has always been the upper body type concentrating on arms and tummy.  The therapist would follow the machine (as seen above) and I find this treatment to be comfortable and relaxing.  Expect to have a bit of pain on key areas like arms and back but super bearable. 

If you ask me, I can see some results especially on my tummy after 4 sessions!  I felt my clothes fit much better and my tummy (is still there) but the skin around that area seems and felt a bit tighter than usual.  

I can imagine having to do this constantly (2-3x a week), the result will be more noticeable and faster.

Physique Inch Loss

This is also my favorite treatment at the Marie France.  I felt like a cheater who cheated about my sit ups but actually sees results!  Imagine, 225 sit-ups in 15 minutes while laying flat at my back?  Seriously, how cool is that?

Now it's not just about sit-ups, this treatment is a non-surgical slimming treatment that uses Trans Epidermal Nerve Stimulation (TENS) technology to build, tone and stregthen muscles in not only abdomen but also arms, flanks and back!

You don't have to worry about pain because the machine has "level" which the therapist would ask which level you are most comfortable with to start and after 15 minutes, she will increase it based from your liking.  For your reference, I am at maximum level on all areas except arms --- the arm area is a bit sensitive so it is ok to start with lower level there!  

Key takeaway for this treatment?  I love how it firms and tones my body.  The most obvious part is my arms and since I aid it with workout, I don't seem to mind about the number on the weighing scale anymore, I look forward to wearing clothes that fits better.

FMS Elite
This is THE TREATMENT that I personally think made Marie France were they are today.  Back when I was in my 20s, I remembered trying to lose weight for my sister's wedding and did a consultation at their Makati branch.  I tried FMS Elite and it helped me lose the few pounds I needed before walking down the aisle as my sister's Maid Of Honor.

Though I find this treatment to be extremely uncomfortable - imagine a center that is equipped with centralize airconditioning.  The FMS Elite is a COOLING Body-Wrap system that stimulates your body to produce heat to compensate the "lowered temperature"  That is why a 30 minute treatment would yield at least half a pound of weightloss - yes, that instant!

And the best part about this treatment is how your body continuously burns fat for the next 24-48 hours.  That is why I was advised by the therapist to NOT drink warm/hot drinks as to keep your body in "cool" state for it work harder to keep your body warm - thus, burns more calories.  

If you ask me, it is quite feasible - they use Science!

To some who thinks I am born with a body that doesn't get fat - you are wrong.  I get fat easily so I had to really do my best to take care of it while I can.  I try to be more active, to be conscious with what I eat, and of course, to do my best to aid my body in keeping the weight off because I want to be active at whatever age, to be there for my son, and be PART of his life.

Trying to look good does not mean I just want to look good physically for other people.  At this day and age, doing our best to stay healthy means we want to live longer for our loved ones.

Book a free consultation by filling up our form here or by calling 8894-BODY.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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