Sunday, July 23, 2023

Up do Bun That Stays


Hi guys!  

I missed you so much!  My life was such a whirlwind!  After a steady June, July was starting to pick up and get crazy because I am preparing for a lot of stuff for old and new clients.  I guess I haven't shared what I have been doing after being an HR Consultant for more than a decade.  

Ooohh, making it BLOG official!  I have been helping out brands on their PR And Marketing efforts and I have been doing this for almost 10 years!  Things got slow when COVID hits and lost a couple of clients who lost their businesses or maybe their business turned slow.

Thankfully, with God's grace, things are looking up once again and I am quite busy until this year end!  

That said, I have to look good even if I pull my hair out of my face!  :P  yeah, trying to make this transition smooth but it wasn't as smooth as I thought!!!  *laughs*

After trying out updo for so long, this is the easiest, and most of all, it stays the whole day and looks NOT BAD!  What do you think?

This type of updo looks well even with a bit of "mess" here and there.  That's the beauty of natural-looking updo bun!

You may add cute clips and ribbons based from your outfit and occasion!  

A quick tutorial I shared on Instagram reels.  I hope you support and watch it there because I am really inspired to share more of my tips and tricks in looking good no matter how busy you are!

How do I look?  
Would you do this updo bun?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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