Monday, January 15, 2024

Happy 2024!



Oh My Goodness!  How long has it been since my last post? *Checked*

Okay, last post November 2023.  Not that bad but considering it is ME, who loves to talk and ramble about random things here on my blog, it seems FOREVER!

Life happens!  Not the bad one thank God but I was busy with work, you all know about yearend panic for my clients.  Also, my son’s Final Exams (ooohhh Grade 5!) and….

After COVID-19 scare, we finally booked a short trip (in a whim!) to Hong Kong!  

We originally wated to go to Japan but it was a last minute decision we don’t have time to fix our Visas.  We traveled the day after my son’s FINAL EXAM DAY and he needed to go back to school 5 days after for Christmas Party and Program so I took advantage of this 5 days to visit one of my favorite place —- Hong Kong!

We as FROZEN family just wanted to be immersed in Winter season :D

It was a 5 days 4 nights trip that seems only 3 days as the 2 remaining days are mostly flight period!  Neverthelss, it was the best vacation after COVID scare and after just all the hustle and bustle of our lives!  I personally worked my A** off these past years and it was a relaxing trip for all of us.  Even Kyle enjoyed this trip so much!

I do not have a fixed itinerary and shared how I fixed our days (really chill) soon!

Would you like to see how I fixed our itinerary day per day?

Will share more videos soon!  Thank you for being here and for visiting!

Happiest 2024 and I wish you all Blessings and Good Health!  Love you guys!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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