Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Hong Kong Relaxing Trip for a Family with Kid


Hi AMW Friends!

As promised, I am sharing my quick itinerary (or non-itinerary version) of our quick Hong Kong trip for a family of 3 with a 10-year old boy who already visited Hong Kong Disneyland few years back.  So this is a quick spoiler for you that we did not include Disneyland HK!

Day ONE:

Important note to book your WIFI gadget in advance especially if you have an airport transfer booked!  It is best and easiest way to communicate with your driver upon arrival without the need to pick up WIFI or Simcard (Which will take additional time!)

Time is GOLD so I booked our WIFI via Big Sky Nation.  Use NIKKITRAVELS to get 20% off your booking when you book https://bigskynation.com/

Also, since we are a family of 3 with heavy luggages (hello winter clothes!)  We have decided to book private airport transfers straight to the hotel via KLOOK.  Feel free to use AMWTRAVELS for extra discounts because these 2 travel services ROCK!  I am hooked with these 2.

So during our arrival after relaxing for a few minutes in the hotel, we explored Causeway Bay and dined at our favorite Cafe De Coral!  

Watch this Day one video!

Day TWO:

We planned HK for the fact that HK has Legoland Disocvery Center!  We flew before weekend to make sure we don’t go with the crowd!  Imagine weekend right?  So we booked our tickets on Legoland Discovery HK Website 

Before day 2, I did some reserach on how to reach K11 Musea (where Legoland Center is located) and decided go look for Restaurants we can try on the way —- as forcing ourselves to look for Michelin starred restaurants would take time.

Since K11 Musea itself is a place to visit, we were able to try the famous Mak’s Noodles right at K11 Musea foodcourt!

Watch our Legoland Adventure —-

Watch our Day 2 Adventure ——
We had the whole night free so we visited Victoria Harbour for the Light Show.

FREE DAY!  Shopping Day since it was a Saturday.  We knew it’s going to be crowded so we went to Citygate outlet and met my ex-colleague.  The hubby also wanted to try Five Guys and they have a branch right at Central, Hong Kong which is a perfect moment because we need to go through Central statio to get to Citygate Outlet (Which is near Lantau Island and Airport!)

Last full day in Hong Kong and we dedicated this day for Victoria Peak and Madame Tussauds HK!
I can’t believe we almost did not visit Madam Tussauds HK as I didn’t realize how intrigued my 10-year old son gets with Celebrities and Well-known peresonalities!

Sharing a video on our Madam Tussauds HK advnture and Day 4 as a whole!

Hope you enjoyed my informative videos and tips on how to have a great vacation eventhough it was simple and almost unplanned!  The most important detail for us is to have enough rest, play by ear and not stress about tiny details!  

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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