Thursday, March 14, 2024

Setting with 6 Hair Rollers (For That VAVAVOOM VOLUME HAIR!)


Knock! Knock!
Who's there?
Volume Hair....

Volume hair, who?


I've recently got a haircut because it is summer down here in PH.  Even with shorter hair, I still find myself suffering from limp and dull hair even after curling!

I knew the secret to voluminous hair!  You've probably seen them on Tiktok as well.  But truthfully, do you have hair rollers at home?  Or if you do, do you have at least the right number to be able to cover your whole head?

And as always, your friendly AskMeWhats neighbor have some tricks up her sleeves!  I use only a pack (usually set of 6 rollers) to cover my whole head when it comes to "setting".  Setting your hair with a hair curler when it cools will help retain and curl and volume you tried so hard to achieve with the use of heating tools.  

Think of this, after curling, your hair is still "hot" from the tools, if you just let it down, the curl won't stay as "gravity" will pull down your curls thus a lot of you are always complaining about curls that doesn't last!  

After working with so many talented hairstylists for wedding through the years, I knew the only solution is to set it with curlers or bobby pins if you don't have curlers!   The latter is quite tedious and needed a bit of hairstyling professionalism so curlers are the way to go.  Now you will understand why your grandmas or moms have these rollers during the 80's! 

For better understanding, I created a video for this posted on my Instagram account

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