Thursday, May 22, 2008

Askmewhats Version: "Daily Cleopatra" Look

Cleopatra eyes are hard to pull off for daily look. Everyone knows Cleopatra look means "bold and blackest of black eyeliner" and of course, the "Winged look" will always be there. I really wanted somewhat "goddess" looking eyes, but of course, I can't pull a strong Cleopatra look as I may have to wear a black jacket and be brought to the Mental ward. (bwahahahaha)

Back to the topic, "not the mental ward, okay". That's why I've created the "Daily Cleopatra" look because I toned down everything and make it wearable.

Note though, this doesn't come off really nice on pictures as I've used a lot of shimmery eyeshadow and with camera flash, it washes a lot of the color. But I hope you guys got the drift :)

Here's how my eyes looks look...

And here's my full face look, with a bright red lippie :P Ooohhhhh Sexiness ----- NOT!

Everything is toned down but I've used the basics from the Cleopatra's Make-up collection (as if there's any available) hahaha I've used browns, golds, black eyeliner and of course, matte red lipstick :) Ms. Cleopatra would want me to go for nudes, but since I've got light eye make up, I opted for an intense lips :)

Products Used ---

Bare Escentuals MMU Foundation
NYX Concealer in a jar - for my blemishes

VOV Matte Beige (for all over eyes)
NYX Chrome E/S in Gold (all over lids)
MAC Brun (corner of the eyes)
ELF e/s in Gold (crease area)
Stila Smudgepots in Black
Paul & Joe Curly Waterproof Mascara in Black

Kiehls No1. Lip Balm
In2It lipstick (sorry forgot the color, if you want to know just msg me, I'll look for it at home)

Like it? Hate it? Want to punch me?
Go ahead..and it'll be my next look... "The Panda Look" *wadahhhh!!!!!*

Since we're back in time, want to see a Sophia Loren Look? Smile!

Your askmewhats


  1. Bleh wish the camera didn't wash your eye makeup cuz I can barely see it :( I do love your lips on the full face pic :) I never even heard of that brand.

  2. hey cutieeee! ;] lol.
    i would never punch you

  3. I know Lurve! hahaha I'm going to take better pictures soon!!!! Oh In2It lipstick is available in's affordable yet of good quality :)

    Kristin dear, thanks so much, that's nice to know , no punching :)

  4. Good make up!
    Do you know the M.A.C. pigment in "revved up"? I think could be great for your Daily Cleopatra, isn't?


  5. yes, i believe a lot of MAC pigments can be used for cleopatra look :) aawww I don't think we have revved up available here, we got a couple of other colors :) but not revved up :) thanks for the tip dear

  6. sexy kaya! i love the eyes!

  7. I like how you lined your eyes. :)

  8. Stila Smudgepots! hahaha :) I love using stila really!!! I have to give MAC fluidline a try, but Stila is my HG!

  9. Yes, I've been hearing good things about Stila's Smudgepots. :)

    But I just can't seem to fall in love with Stila... it's quite expensive and their colours just don't appeal to me... :/

    I love Fluidline, but I guess if Smudgepot work for you, then stay loyal to it! :)

  10. Liz, really? it's more expensive than MAC Fluidline? If that's the case, stick to MAC! hahaha The reason why I tried Stila via ONLINE shopping is because MAC is so expensive here in the Philippines :) I may give MAC a go if its cheaper than Stila. Maybe if we have Stila here it would be the same price as MAC, not sure :) But thanks, and you're right, whatever works, we stick to it :) yada!

  11. Hi Nikki,

    Great blog! (And thanks for visiting and commenting on mine!)

    I have a question - I see that you were using Bare Escentuals MMU. I've heard that it's excellent, but not so good in hot weathers because of a certain ingredient. I saw that you are in Manila, which I know is hot and humid, just like where I live, so I was just wondering if you had any problems with the foundation because of the weather?

    Thanks alot! :)


  12. Hi Renee, thanks so much for the visit.

    Yes, to be honest, I heard so much about MMUs not going well for hot and humid weather, but you know what? A lot of women are using MMUs here in the Philippines (raise your hands MMU addicts out there hahaha). One thing we do is to use a face primer.

    In my case, I am dry skin and even if you ask me to do 1000 jumping jacks, I won't sweat much! hahaha So I don't have problems with BE. My only concern with BE is that, i can't put too much as it can darken my skin/look, and if i put less, it doesn't do a thing on coverage. It works for a lot of women, it works SO SO for me.

    Am I making sense? I hope so :) hahaha See you around renee!

  13. Hi Nikki,

    Thanks for the fast response! Unfortunately I don't have dry skin (wish I did, it must be better than sensitive/combo skin! haha) so I guess BE wouldn't be too good for me. So sad! :( But I'm gonna try seeing if someone offers samples of it so I can try it out first.

    BTW, I think your blog is really cute! May I add you to my Blogroll (links to other beauty blogs)?

    Thanks for your reply :)

  14. girl! i love this look! which reminds me to get a better eyeliner brush. mine sucks bugtime.. huhu!

  15. Oh Renee, do try their samples! And Try samples of BE Prime time (their primer), I heard a lot of oily skinned friends who are using BE, as MMU I believe is perfect for Oily skin and dry skinned individuals!!! Ohhh, I wish you are here and I would let you use my BE foundation, I bought full tub! hahaha Yes, no worries, I'll link you :) thanks dear.

    Shen!!! hmm..eyeliner brush? I believe Jheng bought a really cheap one pero it works really well daw compared to the MAC pa, I'm using my Smashbox eyeliner brush, it works, I have the small one from body shop? The slanted one? It also works :) I hope you find one asap!

  16. Hmmmm, I believe Stila Smudgepot is $18 while MAC Fluidline is $15 in the States.

    Both MAC and Stila are expensive here in Europe (often twice as the States), but Stila is always that bit more.

    But like you said, if you like it and you are happy with the price, then go on using it!

  17. nice blend of eyeshadow :) btw i can't bring myself to punch u hhhee

  18. awwww good thing my readers are sweet sweet like you..*whew*..hahah I was talking about the punch coz I was doing this eye look and it just won't come out on cam! hahaha

  19. You could never beat the good old bright red lipstick. It's one of those classic make up colours, I guess. Love it! Muah!

  20. what can i say? good job, sis.. :-)

    you're getting better nd better each day.

    i love Cleopatra look as well. kinda alluring. LOL


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