Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tip for the Day: Creating your Own Lipstick Shades

This is a continuation for my previous post as seen here....

The title looks interesting right? I would say YEAH!!!! I know some of you may know this tip already, to some who doesn't (like me), this would be very helpful as I am honestly very lazy to choose on lipstick shades!!!! This tip came in handy (again thanks to Ms. Cherry Pacheco Uy).

I was creating this smokey eyes look and I needed a nude lipstick, and of course, I can't find a nude lipstick coz I never own one!!! I always have this feeling that nude lipstick doesn't work for me with my dry lips and everything...

Here's what you need ---
  • Lip gloss (clear)
  • Stick/Liquid Concealer (any color) --- much better if you have those concealer that you bought that are wasted coz they just don't work for you.
  • Any lipstick color (choose between reds, browns, pinks, orange etc...)
  • Lip brush

Steps ---

1. Scrape off a small part of your lipstick, concealer and the clear gloss (like the photo below)

2. Mix them all together with a lip brush

3. The one on top is the original lipstick color, quite reddish with an organge-y tone. Check out the one below, that's my own creation (hahaha). You want it more nude? Lighter? Scroll down...

4. With the lipstick mixture you created, add more concealer and see the third color I've created.

5. I don't want to stop creating, so I added more concealer and here's the 4th color.

I know I know!!! I have to STOP! hahaha But see how one lipstick color can give you like 3 or more lipstick shade? Try it, have fun playing around and find your own lippie color that works for you!!!!

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  1. Ahh so you used the concealer to lighten the shade. Brilliant idea. Thanks for the tip, I'm a-gonna go do a bit of experimenting now ;)

  2. Thanks Nanzy.

    Tine, happy experimenting, caution though, it gets to be addicting! :) hehehe

  3. wow! this is a great post nikki! now i know what to do with all my lipsticks that i grew tired of using.

  4. I love doing that with my lippies and lipglosses.

  5. tres cool! :) will definitely try this, nikki!

  6. wow, this looks really interesting
    but is there an alternative to lip gloss?

    if youve read my previous blog (i think its the first one) or just click on the label, i wrote about the dangers of lip gloss, especially during this time of the year.

    the heat and the lip gloss together contribute so much to skin cancer.
    so be careful okay?

    take care!
    <3 kristin

  7. Jheng dear, You're welcome :)

    Sab, I'm glad it helps, i sometimes get sooo tired of my lipstick colors too :)

    Vanessa, thanks girl :) I didn't know you have to do this still, you've got such big collection of lipstick!

    Shen, tell me how it goes if you like it or not :)

    Kristin, you can try vaseline, but something really emollient is much better as it serves as an agent that makes it easier to mix :)

  8. Hey girl, I found your page through Nessasary Makeup and decided to drop by. This is a great idea for customizing your own lipstick! Any tips for getting the shades a bit darker too?

  9. Hey there psychoexgirlfriend, thanks so much for visiting my blog. Well there's no easy way to make a lipstick appear darker but to use a lipliner. Sometimes, a dark lipstick appeared to be not too dark because of the whole face as well. Have to make sure the face has foundation and you can pat your lips with a lip erase or a foundation, to neutralize the color, using a dark lip pencil, line the lips and smudge it before you apply the lipstick so it won't "absorb" into your lips :)

  10. that's neat! too bad am lazy to mix anything haha! that's why i tossed my SN foundie, i dread mixing. hehe. but this is still neat! :D

  11. Mhean, that's the lazy part, cleaning up! hehehe

  12. Neat idea! gotta try this some time.

  13. great tip! did you use the caregloss lip shine? oh btw, where can i get those tiny spatulas? thanks! :)

  14. Jie jie, enjoy and have fun with mixing :)

    Shiana, the spatulas? I bought them at Landmark, landmark has a whole range of spatulas of different sizes :) If you don't want to spend money, plastic spoons from take-outs are ok :)

  15. That's an awesome idea! I love it! Getting more mileage out of your lipstick.

  16. this is really cool, now you can mix and match the shades instead of forking out for new ones ;)

  17. Fabu-less and NicNic, I KNOW! Lipstick can be expensive and at times, I can't finish the old tubes, so I am happy to be able to mix and match so that I won't get tired with the lipstick colors i have :) thanks

  18. Stumbled on your blog. This is really cool. Thanks for sharing your tips on makeup!

  19. whiffandasip, you're welcome dear

    Lurve, you're welcome too!!! And enjoy mixing :)

  20. This is very cool! I'll have to try this some time! Thanks for sharing. :D


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