Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm Loyal to: Ipamena and Skechers!

Note: As a continuation to my sandals post, here's another post about sandals. If I may, I would add my new Sanuk sandals in here...but if we're talking about more than a year of usage, read on!

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I have always been open to try on different brands for both cosmetics and skincare. I am also that way on everything I use. I won't stop trying something new unless I've found the "one". On the side note, good thing I found the best in my then boyfriend that I don't need to change him and he's now my hubby! hahaha

Sandals, shoes, I find so difficult to be loyal to. As they wear and tear, and they get out of fashion, and they just HURT at times! There are 2 sandals though, that I found myself always wearing (against the fact that I love changing earrings, watches depending on what clothes I wear). Here are my 2 favorites that I honestly wore more than 3x a week and it's been with me for more than a year now and they are surprisingly still my ultimate favorite!

1. Ipanema Gisele Bundchen Sandals (approx Php 1,700)

The first time I saw this, I fell in love with the design. When I tried this, I'm SOLD! At that time, I was preparing for my wedding and I'm on for saving up, I never would spend more than Php1,000 for a sandals. But I just can't keep my mind off this sandals and I bought it on spot! At that time, there were like 2 kinds of designs available (one with sling and one without) So it wasn't hard to choose at all. Unlike NOW, they came up with a whole lot of designs!

This has been with me for a year plus now, the comfort level is still the same, the design didn't disappear, it actually looked like I bought it yesterday! I love this!!! I MAY buy other designs, but I still can't stop using this!!!! And the flower design? No need to re-glue it, never disappeared and it stayed put through rain and shine!

2. Skechers (approx Php2,500 then)

Most comfortable sandals doesn't have the height, as for me, any shoes or sandals you add height on, I would say its so uncomfortable! This one is different!!!! It adds height, it's so fashionable and its comfortable!!!! I love it!!! The only downside with this that you have wash this every now and then as it easily gets dirty :) But overall???? So in love with this!!!! I believe they have more designs now!

Your askmewhats,


  1. "...good thing I found the best in my then boyfriend that I don't need to change him and he's now my hubby! hahaha" Pwede naman kung meron kang lawyer LOL xD

  2. Lurve, hahaha CRAZY KA!!!! hahaha well alam mo naman ang system dito sa pinas kahit may lawyer ka! hahaha

  3. I love sandals! I used to buy mostly from Nine West and Enzo Angiolini... back in the day when I have money to squander! :P

  4. Liz! You still have money to squander! hahaha (J/K) Well we get to grow older and have more focus on where to spend our money to :)

  5. They look gorgeous sis! Very summery ended!

  6. Oh hey, lookie that, that Ipanemas look just like mine! ;)

  7. Thanks gracie, but not as gorgeous as your super expensive shoes! hahaha

    Tine, YUP! That's the exact Ipamena sandals you just bought, imagine how good it looks after more than a year? hehehe

  8. Isn't it called IPANEMA?

  9. THanks Apple! You are right, it's IPANEMA! :) Thanks for the correction! :)


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