Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Hair Accessories

Before I got super addicted to make-up, I first got addicted to hair accessories!
When I knew that I'll be working overseas for a year, I knew I had to bring all my hair accessories! How would I do that?
Well, that's what organizers are for! I bought this at SM Sta. Mesa (SM Centerpoint then) for approx Php400.00 ($10.00) and I'm sure the price is different now. I love this organizer because its foldable..and you can hang it anywhere! :)

Looking at this made me go back to the time I pack everything, and I put this on top of all my belongings just to protect this from being "smashed" lol

Awww, still looks new right? It's with me for 7 years now! :D
See how good I take care of stuffs? LOL

Here it is now, in my humble room! With my hair accessories
Of course these are not all, I have given out most of my hair accessories as I grew older!
Very useful, easy access! :D

Are you into hair accessories?
Tell me!
Where do you put all your hair stuffs?

Want to check out how I organize my earrings?
Smile and say "organize!"


  1. woww you have a lot of hair accessories! mine consists of black hair band and bobby pins LOL! I should start to do more with my hair xD

  2. wow! dami! :) i kinda have the same organizer form rustan's. I put my accessories instead.

    my hair is too thick that i don't bother with it anymore save for lastic bands similar to what you have. i threw away my scrunchies sicne it went out of style. :) since that i just let my hair down or ponytailed. :)

    teach me how to "prettify" my hair, sis nikki! :)

  3. my only hair accesory are black elastic bands for ponytails and the occasional headbands. haha! i need an upgrade huh?.

  4. i think they're funny cause gio is so cute being nosy and stuff. when you commented me, could you see the two videos on the blog or was it blank? for some reason i can see them when i view my page but kay said she couldn't see them? i uploaded the links just in case!

  5. that's a lot! :-)

    i loved hair accessories too.. and i still love 'em but i have been too lazy lately to actually prettify my mane.

  6. ugh...i shop in my sleep. i'm serious! there have been numerous occasions where i'm in that state where i'm sleeping and awake and i go online and buy stuff! this always happens when i'm like 95 percent asleep and part of me is awake. i end up surfing the net until i'm ready to knock out and then i always click on all this stuff i want and then the next thing i know, i've bought a billion things! sometimes i won't even remember buying stuff in my sleep until i wake up and get a receipt in my email the next morning! and i'm like wth?!?! i don't remember this. lol. but it's okay. my hubby was like, "buy whatever" so i'm glad i only got a lipstick and the mac 187 last night! i had bought eyeshadows and some stuff the day before at mac. i should be getting it this week =)

  7. oh, okay! thanks hun! i was like, "man, if they didn't show up, i'm not even gonna attempt to do makeup or hair tutorials!" lol. but i'm glad you see something!

  8. NicNic, your hair looks gorgeous! You wouldn't even need anything on your hair! You'll look gorgeous anyways! :D

    Shen, your lovely hair right now? You wanted a new style? I dont' think so! I love looking at your hair the way it is, I may give a tip or 2 on styling your hair but please..let your hair be!

    Sab, ohhh upgrade one at a time...don't spend it together with your make-up splurge! LOL

    Spankedelic, I've already commented on your blog *winks*

    Liz, I can see you prettifying your hair everytime you have a make-up tut!!! I love all your flower clips!

  9. I left a comment earlier and got an error cuz they were working on blog server whatever, anyway, I clicked on how you organize your earrings and I was little bit surprised cuz I almost purchased that kind of tool box online, but I decided not to, I don't have any place to put it in my room hehe. =)

  10. oh yeah, i know what you mean! good thing for debit cards, especially my fiance's. lol. i haven't bought makeup in my sleep for a while but i did last night. can you believe the night before i ALMOST bought nyx makeup in my sleep too? i filled up a cart and was too sleepy to get the debit card to type in the info. with mac, my info is already saved so i just click submit. lol. so that's what stopped me. i hope the 187 brush is as good as ppl say it is. i mean, i'm sure it will be. that's the brush i've always wanted but it's kinda pricey. i know nordstrom is gonna have their color forms collection from mac in july and they have brush sets for like 50 dollars. and i really wanted one since it came with the 187 but of course the brushes are smaller but i don't mind. that's not a bad price for 5 or so brushes!

  11. oh yeah...i forgot you're on the other side of the world! it's about to be 9:00 pm over here in texas! so you have a looong time to go, huh?

  12. oh, i'll just be studying! lol. i have my novel to read, which i finished a few days ago. we have questions over the novel and also have to write two paragraphs over two characters, so i'm going through the book again to see if i missed anything critical! then i'm gonna read my notes i wrote today and last night. lol. then i'll take it easy!!!

  13. Nabi, awww Nabi, great minds think alike :)

    Spankedelic, I am glad you are taking things easy :)

  14. this is so cool and organized! i don't have an organizer for my pins and rubber bands, and they usually go missing after one use :(

  15. I can't wait to see your accessories in detail *looks around and thinks that's a lot of taking picture*. :X

  16. hmm.. not really fond of any accessories but whenever i got one madalas nawawala ko siya.. hehehe...

    anyways, thanks for sharing this. it reminds me to take care of stuffs i have at home na namimisplace ko na ata.

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  18. I love hair accessories too! Especially with all the cute clips they have nowadays!

  19. Did I tell you how organized you are? LOL. I love hair accessories too. I usually just dumped all of them in one drawer. I really need an organizer like you. It makes things look neat and beautiful.

  20. Prettybeautiful, I've lost too many clips before, so this one really works for me! as long as you put it back everytime you use it :)

    Alyssa, I will definitely take some photos, if i don't get too lazy! lol hey ya! you caught me in all those conversations? LOL

    Alle, no problem, i'm glad i was able to inspire someone to organize their stuffs :D

    Vanessa, yeah! a lot of cute stuffs nowadays that are made in Korea, have you seen those? but quite expensive!

    Ebeautyblog, lol you're not the only one who said that I'm very organized! LOL but don't worry, I'm organized yet can be messy too! LOL I'm in the middle! (hm..why am I super defensive? LOL)

  21. So neat! I try to organize mine before, but I always end up losing em. I think that's bound to happen to elastic hair bands and hairpins.

  22. am not really into accessories as much as you are but i sure envy how you organize your stuff! :D

  23. JieJie, yeah you're right, elastic bands and hair pins are bound to get lost, maybe that's why they're always sold in packs! LOL

    Mhean, thanks, i'm so into organizing talaga! I'm glad you liked it :)

  24. Clearly you are a hair ornament maniac like myself! I have found a fabulous site, www.andreasbeau, full of the most exquisite headbands, clips, flowers and more I've seen anywhere. In my typical way, I've purchased more than my share, but every one of the items has been not only gorgeous and well made, but also comfortable! Take a look and let me know if you agree!

  25. wow, you have a lot of hair accessories! I only have a few clips and an elastic band lol

  26. I have a bunch of black rubber bands and I don't know where most of them are...

    most of the time, I am too lazy to do anything to my hair beside washing them (and conditioning) and I just let it air dry most of the time.

    I am going to visit your food post again...


  27. Kate, hi! thanks for letting me know I'll take a look at the site :) And you got it right, I am a hair ornament MANIAC! LOL

    Gio, thanks, I really do have a lot? I honestly think this is just normal, coz I threw so much and gave away a lot and lose a couple already :) thanks

    Citrine, true...I have this period wherein I don't do anything to my hair but wash it and let it dry, that was like a year or 2 then now, i went back to my hair accessories again! whew LOL


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