Thursday, June 26, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Changpo Magic Straight Treatment

Changpo, have I ever told you that I love you?
Yeah, I did, I think I told you I love you as a Shampoo and a Conditioner
But now, I'm loving you as a treatment!

Do I have to use your whole line?

Well I guess I am!

Have I told you that you smell so good?

I did?

Well, I'm telling you once again, make my hair smells terrific!

** Available at The Face Shop for Php355 (approx $8.00)

Askmewhats Says ---

A little bit of background on my hair, my hair was rebonded a couple of years ago, and it's not super wavy but it's not naturally straight as well. As you know, when your locks are growing, the natural texture of your hair will show up which ain't good to look at. Weekly treatments are super important for me. Since the Changpo Magic Straight Shampoo and Conditioner worked so well on me (so well that I am finishing up my 3rd combo), I've thought about buying this treatment for some time now. I gave in! After I finished up my Lux Treatment.

Again, these are my personal opinion, a certain product could work on me but not to everyone! :)

  • Very rich and creamy in texture
  • Smells so good
  • the softness stays for 4 days now, and still counting
  • it indeed flattened my hair (not the limpy kind)

I don't see much cons for now, the only concern is that, with me using this 3x a week, with my long hair, I'm just not sure if it would last a month! LOL

  • apply 2x a week for normal hair, apply 3x a week for dry damaged hair
  • the instruction says leave it for 3-5 minutes, i leave it around 10minutes!
  • use a shower cap, scrub your body, sing, dance while waiting for the time OR if you can't wait...
  • just towel dry your hair, put this treatment on, use a shower cap and just do your house chores! You don't have to stay inside the shower right? Not unless you need to clean the toilette? *winks*
  • concentrate on the roots and also the ends of your hair! <--- driest and oldest part of your hair.

Will I repurchase?

Yes! Of course! I am planning to stock!

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Just smile and say "Changpo!"


  1. I might have to try this!!! Thanks for posting!!!

    And I like that Laura Mercier look you did!! Cute with the Pucca pillow :)

  2. oh, you make me wanna try this. When you said that it flattened your hair...does it mean that it kindna straightening it out but still have volume? I'm confused.

  3. Changpo is a plant, long time ago, women used to boil them in hot water, it has story about it. Women used to wash their hair from chanpo water, it made their hair so soft and shiny. It's kinda legend in Korea. I thought it might be interesting since you use that stuff ;) I wonder if that stuff is made from changpo plant.

  4. Hi Gee, thanks for the comment, hahaha everyone loves PUCCA..except NABI! *bleh* Btw, do you guys have the face shop product there?

    Ebeautyblog..LOL i'm so sorry! I KNEW IT! I'm knew I'm going to confuse the hell out of your hair is "more straight" but it's not the FLAT straight kind or the PIN Straight/rebonded straight kind, it just made your hair more "neat" but not the flat iron look..clear? or not clear? LOL

  5. Hi Nabi, I believe it was stated at the back that it was made of Changpo plant and they did state that the product was used by Korean women several hundreds years ago (well I invented the timeframe lol) thanks for the added info, is Changpo plant really good for the hair? Like ALOE?

  6. Yes! Of course! I am planning to stock!----> UY, LEAVE ONE FOR ME! I WANNA TRY.

    anyhoodles, where is it manufactured? dubious yung name. CHANGPO. CHANGPO.


  7. Don't worry Iya, it's a good brand, it's made by The Face Shop :)

  8. You like Face Shop alot don't you ? I use brown sugar soap from Face Shop, I also used to use facial pack, mask and foot cream from Face Shop, they are good price and good quality ;)

  9. wow! must stop trying everything you post but this one i can't pass. will get this this sat at trinoma! bad bad bad shen! :) hehehehe!

    this for the straight in us! :)

  10. I honestly got addicted to the Face Shop products around last year (early last year) I would say I am into "au naturel" products and packaging and scent and all those falls into the category! But to be honest, I am not into their face products as it doesn't work for my skin :) I have given the brown sugar soap to my colleague and she said it was LOVELY!!!! I'm glad it works for her :)

  11. oooh! def post a photo of your long silky hair! :)

  12. im a sucker for nice smelling products. whats the main ingredients for this product?

  13. HAHAAHA...yeah, I kindna got the idea. You sound very convincing. I will definitely look into this. I love natural stuff. Any more natural products you'd like to share? I'm all ears...or in this case, "eyes" LOL.

  14. Sis Shen, give this a try, but this product line is always out of stock! so try it! :) Especially for rebonded hair, this would be helpful, i believe if you have rebonded hair, you should have treatments done (even at home) at least once a week :)

    Sab, hahah my hair is long but I don't say it's silky lol I'll try to take a photo of it..I believe i did! lol from previous post :)

    Prettybeautiful, ooohh I'm glad you're a sucker for nice smelling product as well, I'll list down the ingredients as soon as I get home and take a hold of the product :) (I'm hoping its not in korean lol)

    ebeautyblog, ooohhh me? convincing? LOL but i don't plan to be a sales person for my career! LOL Well, I'll definitely keep you updated on those natural products :) thanks dear

  15. Oh this product sounds promising, but I don't have a The Face Shop anywhere near me. :(

  16. ALyssa, I have a feeling the Face Shop is available in Asia for now :) I hope it gets there :) It's huge here in the Philippines now ;)

  17. Prettybeautiful, I finally got hold again of my Changpo Treatment and I've checked their ingredients, I can't tell the main ingredient, but I am looking into: Seed oil, flower extracts, root extracts, perfume (no wonder it smells too good)..etc..

    hope this helps :)

  18. Nikki,

    I don't think I see this treatment in my place, I only saw the shampoo and conditioner and the serum (in a pump bottle), and all of them were on sale! I didn't buy it as I just started using my Tsubaki...

    Was wondering if the serum is good? I am a sucker for serums! :P

    Thanks dearie!

  19. Ohhh on sale??? And you're using Tsubaki? Why are you looking at The Face Shop then? hahaha I have heard so much great stuffs about Tsubaki, do you have Tsubaki products there? we don't :(

    Anyways about the serum, Iam using it and I'm nearly done with the bottle, one can be used for months! Because for serums, a little really goes a long way. It does smells good and makes my hair softer and shinier...but of course only temporarily :)

  20. I bought Tsubaki from a spree, and a girl always wants something that's good and cheap! Not to mention, easily available! :D

    Yeah, the last time i check those were on sale. I kinda regretted not buying them now. >_<


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