Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tag: My Life

Sis Jheng, I got this tag from you, thanks :)

What were you doing ten years ago?

I was in college, really happy with my classes and also having fun with my friends (yup, I'm a nerd who knows how to socialize!)

What are five things on your to-do list today?

1. Meet deadlines! Like within the HOUR <--- what am i doing answering this? LOL 2. Call mom and tell her I missed her
3. Have a nice dinner with hubby
4. Play with make-up LOL
5. Smile and make other people happy <-- I won't give money ok?

Snacks you enjoy?

Hello Panda, Knick Knacks <-- if i have a sweeth tooth Any chips <--- if I have salty tooth

Places you’ve lived?

Hangzhou, China = for my university teaching job
Shenzhen, China = for my learning center teaching job
Sta. Mesa, Manila = my home for more than 20 yrs
Juan Luna, Manila = with the love of my life..at present

What are 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire?

1. Buy a nice home for both my parents and Keith's parents
2. Give to charity/church
3. Open up a school
4. Travel around the world with my loved ones
5. Study make-up abroad! And my hubby study photography abroad too! We're in this together! LOL

People you want to know more about?

Everyone who's into real friendship!
I also want to learn other cultures :)

Tag to everyone reading this!


  1. thanks for sharing this, Nikki!

    I'll answer this one too once I have the time. :-)

  2. me too! i have a salty tooth!


    huwaw... hello panda. reminds me of the kornets in a box era. haaayyy... and yan-yan!

    ano ba. 2nd comment ko pa lang dito, tungkol pa rin sa food.


  3. You're very much welcome Liz! :) I know you're a busy bee :) thanks for visiting :)

    Iyaiyayow! Funny! you are funnY! well we love food! what can we say? hahaha

  4. nikki, imma link you!


    liiiiiiiiiiz! you're here! *beso beso*

  5. Iya, thanks girl, I linked you back :)

  6. :D Guess what ! I posted two hahaha don't laugh at me :P I tried so hard :P

  7. ahhh, haven't been tagged in a long time. Will post this later. So far I think my 5 things to do as a billionaire are much similar to urs. hehe

  8. ooohh! hello panda! knick knacks and choco pretzels & stik-o for me! i wanna copy this too! :) because i have all the time in the world (even at the office) haha!

    wait, there's kornets in a box? wow! dint know that!

  9. Nabi, i enjoyed your 2 posts! more more more! LOL gosh! Hats off to you, you're such a busy woman and you were able to do 2 posts today!

    Green, thanks i'm glad you'll do the tag, and I'll definitely read it!!!but you have to show me your link lol!

    Sab, yeah we have a Japanese version ( I think) of kornets which is more bland in taste and it is in box!

  10. nice post and nice blog too. I liked it very much. keep posting. Thanks for commenting on my site

    Sandra Richardson

  11. Hi there, Good morning to you. I hope you had a great start to a new week. See ya later


  12. Sandra, nice to see you here :) Hope to see you more soon! thanks

    Bryan J, good day to yoU! :)

  13. That's so sweet of you wanting to buy both parents and in-laws a house!!! What kind of school you want to open up?

  14. Hi Alyssa, Language Learning center :)

  15. sis nikki, i love hello panda too!! yum yum yum.. do u know YAN-YAN? i love that also.. hehehe

  16. Dianatan, ohmigoodness! I LOVE yanyan!!!! *high five!*


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